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April 24
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Virus!Cry VS Cryaotic [COMPLETE] by EvilVixen05 Virus!Cry VS Cryaotic [COMPLETE] by EvilVixen05
FINALLY! After ONE week! I have finally completed this awesome drawing done by :iconms-wabbit:

THIS is the battle between Virus and Cry in Cyber Space. Two go in, one comes out in this epic battle to the death. I don't know what :iconms-wabbit: thought of when she drew this other than two sexy guys trying to kill each other. But in my head, this is a fight in which obviously Virus tries to overtake Cry and steal his mind and body but the battle takes place on Cry's network. As the two duel, the network takes critical damage and begins to fail, data and information exploding from the crumbling data towers as Virus' infection spreads to dangerous levels.

Cry is in Cyber Space via a virtual helmet and sends his own mind inside to do battle but now that the network is crashing, Cry must escape or else the link between his mind and body will be broken and he will remain trapped in Cyber Space! His body will then go into a comatose state and eventually die. Virus knows this and is trying to stall Cry for as long as possible, steal his link and bypass him to his body. 

OMG, you wouldn't believe how much fun I had with this in coloring!  So many ideas, and I learned many new things with working on this! I thank you, Ms-wabbit for letting me color this and I hope I made you proud with this coloring!

I hope and thank you all that enjoy this! 


Music - The Computer Takeover -… and  Vortex Infinitum (robo-ky's theme)

Program: PhotoShop CS5

Tablet: I don't know. o.o

Lineart/base color - 6 hours

Full color session - 1 week

Date received - 4/17/14  - Date finished - 4/24/14 at 1:10am

Virus!Cry - by whomever made him (you rock!)

Cryaotic - himself :iconcryaotic:… - Original sketch by :iconms-wabbit:

Colored by me :iconevilvixen05:

I allow the downloads of this in case you guys want it on your desktops or whatever. BUT please if you share this on tumblr and the like, let me know and link me so I can see and give credit to :iconms-wabbit: and myself for it, alright? :meow:

--[EDIT 1]--

Wow! Like WOW, I only uploaded this pic at around 2am in this morning and already this pic is exploding! My messages keep stacking every time I pop in to see what's new on dA! 

Far too many and too fast to say thanks to everyone... so I'll do it here. 

I thank everyone that faved this! :3 It makes me happy, that just coloring and all the time and effort I put into it wasn't for nothing. But this still wouldn't have happened without Ms-wabbit allowing me to color her art piece. :3 So be sure to pop onto her page and let her know how awesome she is! 

My biggest shock so far besides the numbers, numbers are just numbers anyway, was the fact :iconkiwa007: and :iconruuruu-chan: faved this. BOTH OF THEM.

Now, I'm not gonna brag about it like this --> :iconlaughingplz: 'They faved my art and not yours' 

I'm more like freaking out --> 'OMG they know I exist!' :iconscaredplz:

They're normal people like you and me, but still, they're pretty big names in the Cry Art fanbase and are of the staff of the upcoming Crynime (so psyched to see it!) so to see that they both liked it was a shock to me. I am honestly surprised that they liked the coloring that much which to say the least, my coloring is rough around the edges. But I am really happy they enjoyed it.

Hell, I'm friggin' happy everyone and those two and especially :iconms-wabbit: love it! 

I didn't color this for any reasons of attention, or money or points. I did this as a gift to ms-wabbit, and probably inspired her and others to take on something new. And I just wanted to see her art colored even if by someone else. Just to see how it would look and I took it as a challenge to myself. To see what I can do and learn to better myself and make what's happening in ms-wabbit's art come to 'life' as they say. 

And thanks :iconthelegendoflink:

--[EDIT 2]--

Just tried to soften the shading a bit... :worry: Though I don't think I made any noticeable adjustments aside from Virus' hair having less strands to kinda match Cry's.
sigh Oh well, I was hoping I did soften shading but it doesn't look any different does it? 
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HobbitGirl22 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow so cool!  D'aww Misty 
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
^.^ Thank you. Ah, Misty... I missed you in Pokemon. lol
Invisiperson Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is so amazing! 0.0
The coloring you did is fantastic, and the vibe I get from this honestly gives me chills.
Well done!
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconblushplz: Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

I know it gave me the chills when I saw the original drawing!  Them chills! Oooh, so to hear that the chills were still there despite it being color, makes me happy! I was hoping to give it that intense and keep the chilling feel in it. 
Yellow-Vixen Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i love this and the line drawing.........i really like the background on makes it more............i dunno. awesomer. hey cool idea in the description too..........i might write a fanfic from that idea........if and when i do, i'll link it here and say i was inspired by you and ms wabbit
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Thanks, I'll be waiting on it if you do. :D I'm interested in reading it!

I really got into the coloring, the background is actually inspired what I think Cyber Space looks like which I use for my own fic, which you've been reading, Project MASK. :3

The little dots you see all over are bytes of data raining over them, like snowflakes. The waves are the collapsing and unstable data stored on Cry's network. The blue and green are the colors of Cry and Virus. Cry is the System Operator of his own network (duh. =P) But Virus is trying overwrite his command to trap him inside which is why its fluxing between their colors. Virus' color is the infection and Cry's is his network fighting against it. But the damage from the overall battle is causing it to crash. Hence that small portion of red is there, the main data tower (the greenish crystal looking thing with the touch of red) is breaking down. You can barely see the glitch effect on it. ^^; Think Tug-o-war so the system is ripping itself apart because of them. :3

And thanks, I'm sure ms-wabbit would love it! :D
ScribbleBench Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MY god, this is awesome!!! ^_^
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:3 Thanks, glad you enjoy it! :D
RuuRuu-Chan Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I do apologize that I did not comment earlier. Busy schedule... But I did want to say fantastic job on this piece that you colored. 
I think you overall did wonderful and you should give yourself more credit. 
Just keep working hard and get those coloring skills down because you're pretty good. 
Thank you also for the mention, and it was a pleasure to fave your work. 
Now to go to your friends profile and fave the line version. :)
Have a good day. 
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol It's okay, Ruu, I know how it goes in the world and life. I have more understanding of that, so I can't go 'rawr, why didn't you comment before?' 

Things happen, you got Crynime to work on, your own artwork then well general life. :3 But thanks.

:blush: Thank you, and I will, I did learn some new tricks and effects while working on this. The entire background was just something I was playing with to kinda get that tech/cyberspace feel without it being the typical black background then stamp a whole bunch of tech brushes all over it. Actually I was going to do that but then I was afraid that would draw attention away from the focus of the piece. I wanted something that would give the feel of cyberspace tastefully but at the same time be that, a background for the battle. And it turned out to be like this, and I kept getting more ideas and tried them all and... yeah. lol

Now it looks like a comic book cover or something. ^^;

I do need to work on my shading for clothing, that always trips me up a lot, but there are parts of it I do like... >.> Evil hoodies.

Thank you and you're welcome. :3 Have a good day too and take care. 
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