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July 7, 2013
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(Warning: 13+ for strong language. Please enjoy the finished portion!)

"Ow! Hey!" Cry yelled as he ducked behind a few rusty barrels and the open doorway that led to the second floor veranda. A few gun shots from a bandit whistled past the pair; though a few scratched and chipped away the edge of his poker faced mask. He heard Ellie growl in frustration as she fired at the man while Cry himself also squeezed a few shots at the greedy male, still wincing from the scratches he earned from a few scuffles earlier. It took a couple of minutes but Cry was able to strike the other man's chest with a shot, getting him out of their hair. "There!" The masked gamer griped, reloading his weapon and keeping low in case there were others then straightened his posture when he heard no one else at the moment. He looked over his shoulder and threw the young teenager with him a smile, moving the mask enough to let her see the smile, as they jogged over to the next door that would lead them back out of the university. "Nice shooting kid. You shoot a lot better than I do!" Ellie giggled softly as she followed him to the door.

As Cry praised the girl, he reached the door just in time for it to be suddenly kicked open from the opposite side. It slammed hard into the youtuber's front, making him yelp as he reeled back in pain and surprise. "Got you, asshole!" A hunter snarled as he stormed out of the next room, forcing a dazed Cry further back until he stumbled into the rails. Grinning, the bandit pushed him harder against the rusting poles, seeing as he had the upper hand and an idea forming in his mind. He'll send the masked man to his death then maybe have some fun with the girl. Or kill her. Whichever comes first, either way he'll avenge his fallen brethren and score some gear as well.

Cry grunted in pain as he lower back hit the hand railing, then glanced over at the pavement below. Broken desks, furniture and twisted bits of metal lay scattered and stacked in the courtyard. Landing on any of those could send anyone to stand at death's door. The bandit leaped on him, threatening to send the gamer over the edge as he wrapped his hands around Cry's throat and squeezed tightly.

The brunette growled and fought back, pulling at the hunter's hand and trying to push him away to break the hold. There was no way in hell he would come this far only to be killed by this son of a bitch. Ellie! Come on Ellie, hit him on the head! You can do it! Cry thought frantically as he fought to drag air into his lungs, his blue eyes fluttering behind his mask. The hunter bore down on him, squeezing the gamer's throat more and trying to cut the air flow. Ellie stood by, shaken as she aimed at the two men but couldn't fire. The bandit was too close to her partner and she didn't trust her shaking hands to make a clear shot, not without risk of shooting Cry in the process. She would've dealt with him earlier but the sudden attack happened so quickly she couldn't react as fast to stop it. The railing creaked and groaned under the forced weight from behind the young man's back, hissing at the two men to get away.

Frustrated and refusing to die now, Cry pawed the bandit's face with his left hand, covering the other man's mouth with it, dug his fingernails into man's flesh and forced his head back, trying to shove him away. The other grunted in pain and growled angrily behind Cry's palm, making it clear to him that he wasn't about to give up so easily but felt his hand slipping from the masked gamer's neck. Feeling the reduced amount of force on him, Cry gripped the bandit's wrist tighter and wrenched it from his throat; pulling the hunter's arm to his right to throw the male off balance and punched him hard, hoping to send the bandit over ledge.

There was a loud snap, a shattering of glass.

Ellie screamed.

And for a moment in time, Cry froze in terror.

The painful pressure of the rail against his back vanished and open air greeted him instead as he teetered on the edge of the veranda. Oh fuck! The youtuber wheeled his arms to catch himself but in the end gravity won; the chilly autumn air rushed past him as he toppled over and fell alongside the bandit. Pain coursed through him as he landed hard on his back but as he noticed, the sharpest of the pain was centered into a single spot. It was excruciating and Cry hissed through clenched teeth, refusing to scream and alert every infected and hunter within the area. He growled softly as he managed to prop up on his elbows and looked to see what it was that was causing his misery.

A twisted piece of steel had stabbed through his side, just above his hip when he fell, narrowly missing his flat belly. He gasped at the sight of it. Oh no... Cry was grateful that his mask sat snug on his face, hiding his horrified expression from the world. "Oh shit this isn't good..." he murmured to himself, biting back another scream that threaten to rip itself out of his mouth. This was a very serious wound and he couldn't afford to be injured like this. This can't be happening. No no no no... He glanced to his right to see what happened to the bandit that tried to kill him just a few seconds ago.

The bandit wasn't so lucky. Cry jerked slightly in horror at seeing the man hang limply, impaled in several places by a few broken pieces of lab equipment. One piece of pipe was jammed through the mouth. He closed his eyes and turned away, he hoped to whatever god there was that the death was quick. As much as these hunters were complete assholes to the people around them, he himself would not enjoy their deaths, even if they deserved a slow one. The brunette gamer carefully laid back down on the ground, letting his body cope with the pain and didn't want to see the steel piece sticking out of him like a damn dinner fork. He watched Ellie pace anxiously above him, murmuring, "Oh man..." before she carefully began climbing down to ground level, using the yellow cables as rope.  

Cry had to get up. He had to, not just for his own sake but Ellie's. But it was just too painful to move on his own. Every time he tried to lift himself off, the pain of his torn flesh rubbing against the metal would steal his breath and force him to collapse. The teen girl landed and looked toward the double doors, worried as fists pounded against the metal doors. She turned her gaze toward Cry and held his hand. "What do you want me to do?" Ellie asked shakily, the sight of him impaled and the pounding of the doors were getting to her.

"Move." Cry rasped softly, pulling the revolver out to fire on anyone that would barge through. The girl looked confused for a moment, not seeing the doors beginning to cave in to the onslaught. "Move!" the brunette growled, shoving her aside just as the doors flew open, revealing two more bandits brandishing melee weapons. They looked to the pair and narrowed their eyes before rushing at them with the intent to kill. The masked gamer's vision blurred due to trauma and pain.

"Hey!" Cry wheezed, catching one's attention to be locked on him as he narrowed his eyes to get his vision to focus. "Hi." He pulled the trigger and the bandit fell before he reached him. "Excuse me, leave me alone!" the youtuber griped as he turned to fire on the second bandit but pain flared, causing Cry to collapse and drop his weapon. Ellie...


The other bandit dropped to the ground as Ellie kept her gun trained on him to see if he would move again. When she was sure he was dead, the teenager returned to Cry, worrying over him. "Oh man..." she murmured, watching her partner hiss and wheeze in pain below her. "Cry?" The gamer growled softly as he snatched up the gun to avoid losing it. He had to get up and had to do it now before more hunters came along. This had to be the worst idea he ever had but damnit they had to get out of there.

"I'm gonna need you to pull." There was nothing else to be said, Ellie didn't need an explanation, she knew what he meant. It made her wince at the thought of having to do so, it would no doubt cause him more pain.

"Okay." The red haired teen gripped his free arm tightly, "Alright... you ready?" She didn't wait for him to answer her. "One, two, three." Ellie quickly pulled him up and off the ground, bracing herself. Cry screamed in agony, the pain tearing at his insides as the torn flesh rubbed against the bloody steel as he slid upwards. Jesus fucking Christ! God that was more painful than he thought. He felt her grip loosen in horror at the pain she was issuing him and he growled through clenched teeth. "Pull." He urged her, he wanted off the damn thing. Of course, he'll bleed all over the place but it was much better than to stay on that metal piece. Blood poured freely and dropped to the pavement in a steady flow as Ellie pulled him free, holding onto his arm even as he staggered and fell to his knees.  

"There." She sighed as she helped her partner up, staring in shock at the amount of blood he was losing. As much as she wanted to fall right down and cry at her friend's behalf and patch him up quickly, she just couldn't do so at the moment. She had to be strong and be his rock for now... and she had to protect him. Cry groaned deeply, pressing a hand tightly to his injury in an attempt to slow the bleeding. "We have to get to the horse." he panted, the mask hiding his flinching as blood seeped between his fingers. This is bad. This is bad. This is fucking bad...

Ellie nodded and lead the way, keeping her pistol out looking around cautiously for any other bandits nearby. "I don't see anyone. Let's go!" Cry limped after her, fighting off the urge to just drop to his knees and howl at his pain. Just walking was more than he could bear to do. "Alright, I'm coming." He said softly, trying to keep Ellie focused on leading the way and not worry on him falling behind.

"Cry, how we doing?"

"I'm fine... I'm fine." Cry waved off the question, trying his best to keep themselves calm. He watched her reach a broken window that led into a different room. "Can you handle the window?" Ellie asked as she pushed aside a couple of broken boards aside that blocked the way and hopped over it easily. She took out her gun and scanned the room, the weapon poised and ready as she watched over him worriedly. The gamer nodded with a grim smile that was hidden. "Yeah, I'm good." Oh god this is gonna hurt like a bitch. He took a deep breath and climbed onto the sill to follow her in. The second his body scrunched  up to crawl over, pain sank its ugly teeth into his side; forcing him to cry out and topple to the floor. More blood splashed onto the tile as the pain sliced into him as punishment. Agh! I was right, I was right, I was right!

Ellie turned in surprise as she heard him scream and watched him collapse onto the floor in pain and rushed to help him up. "Come on, move!" She yelped, picking him up a little and tried to drag him to shelter, knowing full well someone heard them but hoped they wouldn't be found. Unfortunately, the door on opposite side of the room was kicked open and another bandit appeared, wielding a shotgun. Oh fuck. Cry thought worriedly as the bandit screamed that he saw them and fired off a buckshot. The pair winced as a container sitting on the table just above them pinwheeled off the table from the shot. "Come on, man!" the man yelled at them, a grin in his tone of voice was more than enough to let them know he was enjoying this far too much. The masked gamer and teenager ducked down further in reflex as another buckshot was fired, spraying the air with lead and wooden chips.

Ellie's bright eyes sharpened with deadly intent as she quietly pulled the hammer back on her pistol. Quite frankly, she was getting sick and tired of being fired at for just being a survivor like everyone else, so she decided that this bastard didn't deserve to live long enough to regret it. Plus, she had to protect her partner and mentor. Even if she couldn't be infected, she could still die in many other ways... without him, she really wouldn't have much of a reason even bother to try other than get to the Fireflies and help them make some cure. And she didn't want to be alone. Nodding at her reasons, Ellie turned to Cry, who sagged against the science lab table, huffing to bear the pain. "Alright, you stay here. I'm gonna flank this asshole."

He made a sound of protest, reaching out weakly to stop her. "Ellie." One word, one tone was all that was needed to let her know how strongly he disliked having her go. The teenager marveled about knowing that this man would rather fling his broken body into gunfire to attack in order to protect her than having her get hurt for defending him. As much as she appreciated his thoughts, Ellie smiled grimly and brushed Cry's hand away from her, mouthing out 'Trust me' before slinking off to catch the bandit off guard. She had to do this... if she didn't then they'll both end up dead.

Oh no no no no... The gamer gritted his teeth in pain and did his best to keep quiet, focusing his hearing to keep track of the bandit that was in the room with them. "Those were my friends you killed, asshole." the hunter hissed acidly, keeping the shotgun trained at the spot where he had seen the pair ducked behind. One of them was hurt, he knew that for certain from the amount of blood on the floor near the window. Easy pickings for him, but first he wanted to see them beg for their lives. "Come on out. You want to do this the hard way?" He sneered, taunting them to make the first fatal mistake. Cry growled in pain, lifting his revolver and made a quick attempt to end this before Ellie got herself hurt.


The hunter pulled the trigger of his weapon, sending another shower of polished wood chips into the air the second he saw the barrel of the gun Cry had. The youtuber snapped his teeth in irritation at the situation and fear. The hunter had him pinned. Damn it! He didn't have to see or hear him. He knew damn well that the man was grinning in apparent victory. "Yeah, I'll give you victory... bullet first." The gamer whispered to himself, gripping his gun tightly.


"You little bitch!"


No! Cry's eyes widen in horror behind his mask as he quickly looked around the corner of the table and took a shot, distracting the bandit as the bullet clipped the back of his head. "Get off of her!" He snarled, glaring at the hunter as he turned to glare back at him. That was all that was needed. Another loud 'bang' and Cry watched as the bullet pierced the man's skull, dropping him like a ton of bricks. Relief washed through him as the brunette hung his head and was able to breathe easier now. "Good job kid..." He murmured in praise before groaning in pain as it returned in vengeance for twisting around so fast to fend off the bandit. "Shit."

Ellie came around the side damaged side of the table and gasped in horror at the sight of her partner bleeding out in front of her. He was getting worse by the second. "Oh man. We gotta get you out of here." She whispered as she watched him helplessly. They had to leave and do it now while they had the chance. "I'm okay..." Cry chuckled softly, trying to brush her concern aside and earned a glare from her as she hauled him to his feet as carefully as possible.

"No, you're not okay, Cry."

"Ow! Oh hell you're right, I'm not... let's go."

"Now come on!" Ellie urged as she jogged ahead to peek out into the hallway. The gamer hissed and staggered after her, using the tables as support. Oh fuck.. I'm going, kid... He stumbled slightly and cursed a little as blood continued to seep between his fingers. His blue eyes began to dull, the world fading from him, it was hard to focus on walking as pain gnawed on him hungrily like a dog. "Move it!" The teen's sharp command snapped Cry back to reality as he followed as fast as his injured body allowed him. She peeked out of the room cautiously down both sides of the hallway. Satisfied with her finds, Ellie glanced at her partner. "There's no one here. Hurry."

"Okay..." The youtuber breathed softly in acknowledgment. He followed her out of the room, stumbling as he went and tried his best to keep up with her. The world started to fade again. "You're doing good, just keep at it." The teen encouraged, knowing well what was happening to him. He smiled behind his poker faced mask. Yeah, I'm... trying... Cry groaned in pain as one of his knees gave out and he collapsed near a fallen vending machine just before the double doors that led to the North Hall of the university. He quickly slapped his hand on the top of it to keep from falling completely. His vision darkened considerably as his body cried out for him to rest, whispering that he was too exhausted to keep going. Sleep sounded so good right now. Fuck...Come on, Cry. He hissed at himself, shaking himself awake and pushed aside the fog that threatened to settle over him.

The red headed teen looked at him worry, rushing to help him to his feet. "Oh man," she whispered, noticing how pale his skin was becoming. "Here, lean on me." She offered her shoulders, hoping he would take her up on the offer and be out of here much more quickly. The masked gamer shook his head weakly, pushing Ellie away gently as he stood shakily on his feet. "No." He wanted to, by god he wanted to, but he couldn't risk it. If she was burdened to carry half of his weight, she'd be vulnerable to the hunters and can't fend them off as fast with him on her. He hated having to put her in a tough spot but she was the only one that's able to protect both of them. The teenager gave him a half-hearted glare that just read concern all over her face.

"Well can you walk?" she asked in exasperation, still giving him that glare.

"Yes." Cry bit out, the pain making his temper flare a little as he glared back at her through his mask. She didn't shrink or back away.

"Then fucking walk."

Growling softly, he pushed away from the vending machine. Come on, come on. He followed Ellie into the North Hall shakily. He glanced back down the other hall, making sure no one was following them, then happened to glance at the amount of blood splattered on the floor. Jesus. "Come on!" The girl hissed, forcing him to focus on her voice and keep him awake. She knew... if he ever passed out with that wound, there was a high chance that he would never wake back up again. And she'll be damned to let him just fade into nothing without a fight. She looked around warily and didn't seem to find anything dangerous right now. The youtuber grunted and stumbled more, his vision blurring and fading in and out as pain clawed at him, seeking to bring to his knees again. He endured it, pushing the need to just pass out away from his mind. Not now... not right now... too close.

He panted then lifted his head as Ellie pointed out the exit. "There's the exit. Just a little bit more, Cry, come on." She was excited, he could hear it in her tone even though she kept her voice low and quiet. Damnit... go away pain. He watched her jog ahead again then closed his eyes as pain burned at his injury, forcing him to stagger and collapse at a nearby table. He shivered, feeling and listening to his heart as it pumped as hard as it could to push the draining blood through his weakening body. It hurt to look at anything, making him dizzy and nauseous. He could rest for a second right? Just catch his breath? The exit is right there and nothing...

The gamer froze in terror, keeping his eyes closed. Footsteps. He could hear footsteps coming their way. Pounding against the floor as they rushed to their location. Where are they coming from? Come on... where?! Ellie doubled back to him, worry plain on her face as she peered at her partner's mask, seeing his eyes were closed. Why were they closed? "Hey, hey!" She called out, hoping he didn't just pass out on her. The brunette ignored her voice, trying as fast as he could pinpoint where the footsteps were coming from. Where are you fuckers? His breath hitched in his throat. They were upstairs on the second floor and... It was too late, the bandits found them. Ellie!


Cry's eyes flew open at the sound of her concerned voice and glared at second floor of the room. "Behind you!" His fading voice cried out hoarsely, the message coming out like a mere whisper as he hoped he warned her fast enough to at least save herself.


Fuck! "Ellie, behind you!" He strained his voice to be louder as he snapped his gun arm up to shoot. Pain and dizziness from lack of blood hit him hard and sent the youtuber crumpling to the floor in an bloody heap. And was forced  to watch his younger partner fend for herself with failing vision. Get them... please, Ellie...

"The kid's got a gun! Watch out!" One hunter called out in warning to his partner as the pair descended to the first floor to attack. Cry couldn't keep his eyes open and blacked out.

"Stay the fuck back!" Ellie screamed at them, making her partner snap awake briefly, watching her. She was aiming her pistol at them, somewhat glad they only wielded iron pipes. One bandit leaped over the hand railing of the broken stairs, thus putting him in her direct line of gunfire. She fired two shots, hitting him in the chest, earning a strangled cry before he toppled over the broken mess of tables and vending machines. "Hey" The other was a  bit more lucky and nimble, dropping down on the same spot and kept low. The teenager began to panic, firing a little wildly to either hit him or scare him off, all the shots going wide. Shit... Ellie... focus... Again, the gamer's consciousness slipped away for a moment.

He forced himself back to the waking world as Ellie continued to panic. "Oh shit, oh shit." He heard her curse as she fumbled to eject the spent clip and slap in a new one. The bandit had gotten closer to her, snarling in rage. "You little shit!" He spat, brandishing the pipe like a bat and dashed at her as she slapped the new clip home. "No no no..." the gamer whispered in fear, watching on in horror. Distracted by those few precious seconds, the hunter quickly got the upper hand over her, swinging the pipe hard and catching the teen on the side of her head. "NO!" Cry shrieked in terror as Ellie fell to the floor in a daze. He watched in fright, hating to be helpless to help the girl he came to care for as she laid limp on the floor not even a yard from him. The hunter stood over Ellie in victory, raising the iron pipe in preparation to smash it against the girl's skull until it would cave under the onslaught. Cry's eyes widen in knowing the man's idea to end the scuffle, seeing the excited glint in his eyes; he let out another scream like a wounded animal. "NO!!"

One. Two. Three. Four. Four sharp cracks filled the air as Ellie emptied half her clip into the hunter's chest in quick succession. Cry froze, watching in disbelief as the bandit gasped softly then toppled backwards and heard Ellie's quickened breathing. His vision slipped away then came back, this time staring into Ellie's frightened face as she hovered over him. "Cry." She's alive, she's okay... Thank God... "Here, stand up." Relief washed over him a second time as she helped him again to his feet. "Put your arm around me." She ordered softly and he didn't decline her offer this time. He was still shaking from pain, blood loss, fear and relief as they ran through him, making him too weak to move on his own. He slung his arm around her shoulders tiredly and felt relieved again as she braced herself and supported his weight as best she could. "All right, let's go."

He shivered again, the scene of her fending off both hunters alone taunted him with fear. He never wanted to feel that way again. Fuck fuck fuck fuck... oh god. He took deep shaky breaths, trying to calm his heart rate. Cry glanced down at her and caught a hint of a grin forming on he face. "I swear to god. I get you out of this, you're so singing for me." The gamer blinked in confusion for a moment before a chuckling cough bubbled from him, making a ghost of a smile appearing behind the mask. "You wish."

They limped toward the exit doors, the young man coughing as he went. She led him to the fallen vending machine and steadied him there. "Wait here. I'll get the door." He nodded as he leaned carefully against the machine, watching as Ellie scurried over to the door. "Take your time." he joked weakly, panting and catching his breath as he pressed his hand harder against the wound, trying to steep the flow of blood. God damn, I'm bleeding all over... "Come on." Ellie called softly as she held the door  open for him. He gently pushed away from his current spot and staggered over to the door, passing through it, trying his best to stay awake. He pressed his shoulder against the next set of door and pushed them open. Weakened from lack of blood and exhausted from the events, Cry, stumbled over his own feet and fell, rolling down the stairs and endured the extra pain as the steps jabbed at his injured side on the way down to the side walk. He grunted and stopped himself with his free hand before he landed wrong and looked up in time to see another bandit stare down at him in confusion, his hands tight on the reigns of Callus the horse, who resisted and pawed the air to get away from the hunter.

Oh fuck!

"What the fuck?" The man looked surprised, still holding onto the reigns before realization hit him. "Aw, shit!" The bandit released Callus' reigns as he whipped out a pistol, aiming it down at the injured youtuber. The horse neighed and pawed the air, seeing what was going on and feared for his new masters. But before the hunter could even pull back on the hammer, two shots whistled over the gamer and nailed the man that was trying to steal their horse. Cry glanced over to Ellie as she placed the gun on safety and holstered it, stepping down the last of the steps to get to her partner. "Come on."

He waved her off, opting to rest a bit. "Just, get Callus." he grunted, wincing as the pain continued to claw at him. The teenager didn't argue as she jogged over to the horse that seemed to calm down now that the bandit was dead and brought him over. The masked gamer panted then gritted his teeth as he painfully picked himself off the pavement. "Can you get on?" She asked worriedly, looking at his side and the size of the horse.

He placed his hands on the horse's side and looked up at the saddle. He was pretty sure he could get on.. but it was obviously going to be painful. He panted, "Yeah, just won't be pleasant." he answered softly then gripped the saddled tightly, took a deep breath and lifted himself to take a seat. Pain flashed and burned through him as he went, making him growl through clenched teeth as the torn muscles stretched to follow his movement. A pained and relieved sigh escaped him as he settled on the horse's back, panting harshly. The teen looked worried for a moment then wasted no time in getting on herself. Cry held onto the reigns and gently jerked on them, signaling Callus to move. "Go." He whispered weakly and held on as the horse went into a gentle trot then galloped away from the university, groaning as each bounce jarred his injury. Oh this isn't good.

Several minutes later, Callus was moving at a gentle walk, having sensed his master's discomfort earlier and slowed down for him. Ellie felt nervous,it was just too quiet for her liking right now. She shifted and looked over her shoulder for the umpteenth time to make sure they weren't being followed by other hunters. Seeing no one there, she sighed, "I think we're safe." Then turned to look forward. That's good... The gamer thought faintly as he began to sway in his seat, feeling the effects of fatigue and blood loss as it finally caught up to him. "Cry?" Fuck. I... can't... stay... awake...

"Egh..." He moaned softly, leaning further off the horse until he tumbled off the animal's back and landed hard on his back.  

"Cry!" Ellie stared in horror as he didn't move or respond to her call. She jumped off Callus' back and rushed to his side. "Aw shit. Cry – here." She tried to lifting him, expecting him to respond with that but he remained silent. She strained to lift him again, but without his help his size was just a little too heavy for her, that and with her panicking she couldn't bring enough strength to even lift him to a sitting position. "Get up, get up, get up..."

She began to panic again, shifting to pull on his arm then shook him gently. "You gotta tell me what to do." she begged, tears starting to form at the thought of being all alone in the world. Cry's eyes fluttered open weakly at the sound of her begging and tried to focus on her. "Come on... You gotta get up..." The teenager grabbed at his hoodie and tried to lift him again, shaking him a little harder.

I'm sorry... Ellie...


Cry tried to focus but her voice was growing faint and he felt tired... then his world faded to black.

A 'novelization' of Cry's reaction at the end of the video of part 14 of the Last of Us. And since it was such a powerful thing to him, I thought I could write that bit with him in place of Joel.

No, I will not write an entire fic of Cry's playthrough of The Last of Us. There's SO much to write about that it would take forever to do. And I don't feel like I have the skill to write it. I get like 8 pages worth of writing for just five minutes of video. So for the full walkthrough? Whew... way too much. ._.

Cryaotic - :iconcryaotic: belongs to himself. Obviously. xD Now I can stop staring at the same parts of the video repeatedly and enjoy it more. :3

I hope all those that read it, enjoy it. And hope I captured the reaction as accurately as possible.


And if Cry some how does read this, then this is for you as thanks for everything you had given us, your viewers. You are but one man, who has so much pressure and stress on his shoulders and yet is strong to keep going at your own pace. I thank you man, you're one of the best. Keep your head up, keep being who you are and dance to your own beat.

For those that may think I'm one of those crazy fans. I'm not. I don't expect him to comment on this, hell I don't expect him to even read this. If he reads it, he reads it, if he doesn't then he doesn't, no skin off my back. I wrote it for everyone, I don't expect much for it. Just happy that people enjoy it. :3
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lol I really need to brush that page up, I see so many mistakes now. Oh well, it was still fun to write. xD I would never kill off Cry, probably hurt him a little (within reason) to help him grow as a character, but not kill him off completely. Though if I do, its to Cry's persona on the net, not the man behind the mask. I've already seen how he dislikes some fics doing... horrible things to him. 
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