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April 4, 2013
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A/N: Yes, it's a PewdieCry story (though mostly focused on Cry) No, there is no pairing. I rather not do anything too extreme on a first time writing of the two. Um, enjoy. ^^;

Rating- PG-13 (I suppose, better safe than sorry)


Pewdie and the girl both jerked their heads at the same time as their friend's cries and screams echoed in the foreboding maze. The two of them had fallen for the same apparent trap that Cry himself had stumbled upon earlier. Before they weren't sure he was in this place anymore since they have failed to find him when he screamed out in the forest. Now they knew for certain he was still inside the maze. Certain but not reassured. The Swede was more than eager to locate his friend and get the hell out of here but they had no idea where he was and how far away they were from him. The poor girl clung to the blonde's back as they traveled through the dark passages, sweeping aside left over cobwebs and peering through the darkness in hopes of finding their lost comrade.

"When we find him, we're not splitting up again. I don't care what he says, we are not splitting up again. It's done more harm than good." the blonde gamer griped then squealed in fright as he walked straight into large web. He jumped and flailed wildly in a panic, "BARRELS! I fucking knew it!" The girl had screamed at the same time he did then calmed when she saw him only tangled in the cobweb. She sighed, calming her heart down before reaching out and attempting to get the young man to settle down.

"Mr. Pewdie, stop it. It's not barrels or anything dangerous, calm down." She urged then smiled as she managed to hold onto one of his arms. Pewdie calmed and blinked down at her in confusion. "Huh?"

The girl giggled and reached up, plucking and peeling away some of the webbing. "See? It's just an old spider's web."

"Oh." He twitched and then started to wipe at his face frantically. "Ew! Spider's web! Get it off!" He stuck his tongue out at her as she laughed then quickly regretted it; spitting out some of the webbing that stuck to his tongue in consequence. The girl giggled again then helped him scrape off the sticky substance from him, returning them to their grim reality. They continued on their way, whatever mirth they had before vanished as they looked for their friend.

"Where is he? We should've found him by now." The Swede murmured worriedly as he followed paths that had cobwebs torn through. He hoped that meant he was closer to his bro, or near the exit so he would find him that way. The girl looked nervous, not liking the total silence the maze gave out. What if they missed him? That he found his way out and already left? Or that... whatever caused him to scream... got him?

She clutched the back of the male's shirt, shivering against him. "Mr. Pewdie... what if... he's not here anymore?" she whispered as she looked behind them in hopes nothing crept up on them. In doing so, she didn't see the blonde's eyes darken in hue, not liking the reasoning. He wasn't sure if she meant that he escaped the maze or that his bro was dead, the latter obviously not settling well in his mind. No, Cry wouldn't have gotten himself killed that easily. He kept his words to himself, he couldn't blame her for thinking about it. After all they've been through so far, it was enough to tell them that this demon bitch could easily kill them. He, himself, and the girl bore the scratches and bruises of what that thing could do. But not Cry, sure maybe he could be banged up a little, but not wind up dead... right?

"Cry!" The Swede suddenly yelled out, startling the girl behind him. She tugged on his shirt, trying to hush him and he ignored her. To hell with hiding in this freaky maze, they had to find him. Let that demonic witch hear him, he didn't care, he just had to know if his friend was alright. He had to let Cry know they were with him, looking for him, maybe get him to call them back so they can meet up. "Cry! Where are you?!"

"Mr. Pewdie! What are you doing? That thing will find us if you-"

"I don't care." the male hissed, scaring the girl further. He sighed at seeing her startled expression and ran a hand through his sandy hair, knocking the headset off to hang around his neck. "Look, I'm sorry, but I want to find Cry. I know we're suppose to avoid the ghost lady thing and collect the tears, but I need to find him." He sighed again, "Its hard not knowing what's happened to him. Besides, he could be holding onto a tear that we need."

The girl nodded and followed him as they wandered further into the maze. "Yes, of course. That is true too. I'm sorry, I'm just scared."

The gamer smiled a little at her. "Me too to be honest. I'm the biggest scaredy cat here."

They continued on in silence, stopping to rest or call out to their missing friend, hoping he would answer back. But none came. They kept wandering, hoping for a glance or some sign that they were near him or near the exit, so far they never came across that floating nightmare. All good to them but at the same time they felt this sense of dread from the lack of the woman's appearance. Where was she? Where did she go? Again they stopped to call out to Cry then remained quiet, listening intensely if he yelled back. What answered back shocked them both senseless.

The sound of a sickening crack of breaking bone, followed by an inhumane scream of agony that echoed loudly in the passages, though seemed a lot closer. Pewdie paled at the shriek. What was that?! Was that Cry? And what was that sound earlier? The blonde gulped as he grabbed the girl's hand and led them running down several halls, stopping at one passage when another sick crunch and monstrous scream resonated in the maze, but much more clearly in the passage they were in now. The girl almost cried out in fear but the gamer hushed her, then crept toward the sound's location. He kept his arm back protectively, silently having the girl follow him a few steps behind.

Both simultaneously screamed in fright as Render Woman flew past them and slammed against the wall opposite of the passage they were heading to. The blonde and the girl watched in shock as the creature slid a little down the wall, shuddering in pain at it clutched its right arm. The Swede narrowed his eyes and realized the injured arm dangled limply at its side, broken. What the hell caused that to happen?! He also realized that the demonic woman paid no attention to them, staring straight into the passage she flew out of in what appeared to be rage.

"What's the matter?" a voice purred darkly, sounding very familiar to the blonde. It let out a sharp bark of laughter... that sounded off to him, as Render Woman floated off the wall, still cradling her broken arm close to her. "Come at me! Come on!" The brunette leaped out of the passage, frightening the monster into fleeing down the hall away from the group. The male laughed again, not noticing the two people behind him as he turned to look where the creature fled to. "Where do you think you're going? You wanted me, now you got me!" He jeered to her retreating form, "Bring it bitch!" Render Woman didn't return, opting to escape for now.

"Cry..?" Pewdie called out uncertainly. What happened? Did he actually break that monster's arm? "Are you okay? What happened?"

The dark haired gamer stiffened a little in surprise then barely looked over his shoulder at the pair behind him. "Ah Pewdie... There you are. I've been looking all over for you." He placed a hand over his mask, giggling. "I'm fine. Very fine. As for what happened...I decided I didn't like tag anymore. So I thought I play with her in arm wrestling." He giggled again, never removing his hand from his mask yet. "I won."

"Oh... Okay.." The Swede felt uneasy at moment, Cry was laughing too much for his liking. This whole place was getting to them. "Well, pull yourself together and come on, there should be an exit nearby." Don't turn your back to him. Don't turn your back. He shook off the warning bells and turned to look at the girl, he blinked in confusion at her expression. She looked horrified, trembling and shaking, lifting a hand to point behind him. Pewdie stiffened then slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder to see what she was pointing at, dreading to see it. But stopped when he felt a chin rest on his shoulder, turning him ridged at the touch.

"Why so tense, friend?" Cry asked eerily into the blonde's ear. Something was definitely wrong here. His friend was acting much too differently than he was used to; his voice, though sounded the same, was different as well. It just sounded far too dark for someone that was laid back and easy going. There was also danger lurking behind his friend's tone. A kind that no one should, under any circumstances, provoke. Pewdie began to shiver in fear, his instincts screaming at him to run. Flee for his life, but his legs refused to move. This wasn't Cry... This is NOT Cry. "You know how we've been friends for a while, Pewds?"

"Y-yeah?" The blonde gamer answered shakily, his voice cracking as the slender form of an oriental ceremonial knife slid into his view. The handle was old but the blade was new and shiny, the tip bending upwards in a gentle curve. Startled, the taller male dropped his flashlight, letting it clatter to the stone floor until by some miracle, it landed right side up, shining its light to the ceiling. All he saw was the razor sharp edge of the blade, the flat sides facing the ceiling and floor. Where did he even get that? He never took his eyes off the weapon as it wiggled a little, his friend catching the light off the flashlight and idly played with it, bouncing it on the walls, Pewdie's shirt and having it dance across the floor.

"It's a shame that you didn't come to his rescue sooner..." Mad Cry revealed in a hysteric giggle, snapping his wrist in showing the flat of the blade and letting the two to peer at the mirror surface that showed them both. "You're a real bad friend, sir. Still..." The Swede stared in horror at the reflection, seeing his friend's mask that no longer resembled the familiar poker face. Instead, two pitch black eyes with a wicked jack-o-lantern like grin stared back at the blonde male from the reflection of the blade. "He's going to miss you. But that's okay, more control for me."

"Who are you?" Pewdie growled, glaring at the reflection. His friend's body shrugged, uncaring as he kept the knife steady. He chuckled a little as he idly wondered where to use the weapon, a chesire cat's grin forming behind the warped mask. "Oh Pewds, you wound me. That's something for me to know and you to find out, friend."

While the two were distracted with each other, both failed to notice the young woman had inched closer to them. Her frightened eyes shifted between them, the knife and the flashlight that stood on the floor. When she was sure the crazed brunette was about to plunge the blade into the blonde's chest, she dove for the flashlight, snatching it up and hurled it with all her strength. "Leave him alone!" she screamed, angry and scared as the object flew and nailed Mad Cry on the side of his head, dislodging the mask. He dropped the knife in shock as he staggered from the hit then swore in fury; shoving Pewdie away from him while his free hand flew up to press against the spot where he was struck. "You little bitch!"

The girl snatched up the fallen flashlight again and rushed to the Swede, tugging on his arm to get to stand up. "Come on! Let's go before he recovers!" Pewdie nodded dumbly, letting the girl take his hand and lead them away from the madman that had Cry's form. His own mind was still numb from shock, unable to process into logic of what happened back there as they ran through corridors to put distance between themselves and a potential killer. But one thing he did register was the fact his life was saved by the girl he and his bro said they'd protect. And she, just now, protected him.


They raced through random passages, looking for the exit of this damnable maze of hell. It was during this time, Pewdie had remained unnaturally silent, letting his brain shift through the information and at the same time allowed him to calm down. They haven't discovered the exit but found themselves lost in the maze. The girl whimpered as she paced in a skittish manner before sitting down with a gloomy sigh. "Where's the way out? Who knows when the monster will come back..."

The blonde sighed, shaking his head as he looked between the two entrances of the passage they were in. "I don't think she'll be coming back into this maze for a while." He ran a hand through his hair,  uneasy at their situation. "And I think the exit might be where Cry - I mean, Mad Cry - was at."

"So we have to go back to him?"

"Afraid so."

The girl looked scared and dismayed; obviously missing the pair's earlier conversation. And who could blame her? A masked man whom she had met earlier was now completely different and now wielded a knife. "I don't want to go back there." She whimpered, "What happened to Mr. Cry anyway? Why was he like that?"

"I dunno, but I'm gonna find out." the young man muttered, standing up from where they rested on the floor. "I want my bro back, damn it."

Insane laughter filled the air, echoing and bouncing off the walls as both Pewdie and the girl froze in terror. He shivered the most, memories of the last chase scene in Mad Father came to mind. He flinched, Oooh, shouldn't have thought of that, bros. Now that's stuck on my mind. That hellish laugh with Cry's voice... not the best picture to have. They listened to the laughter, hearing their friend calling to them in a singsong tone. It made the blonde cringe further. "Guys... where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are."

After a few seconds, another burst of hysterical giggles echoed through the maze. "Oh I see. You want to play hide and seek, right? I'm game. Just to be fair, I'll be It." Pewdie narrowed his eyes at the tone, reaching down and pulling the girl to her feet, using the universal sign of 'be quiet'. The girl mouthed out her question, asking what was wrong. "I don't like this. Something's not right." The Swede answered softly. "Here's the rules. You run and hide, I'll seek and chase. Simple right? But here's a bonus! Make it to the exit and I won't kill you."

"Den jäveln " Pewdie growled softly.


"When I tell you to run. You run, got it?"


"But Mr. Pewdie..."

"Just shut up and do it."

"Go." Mad Cry laughed as he dashed around the corner of the entrance behind the pair, the knife brandished. Hearing him, Pewdie whirled around and swore in Swedish, grabbed girl that was the madman's target and threw her behind him. The air whistled as Mad Cry swung the blade and missed. "RUN!" The blonde ordered as he jumped back from another swing, hissing in pain as the knife bit the flesh of his upper arm on the third swipe. The girl cried and fled the hall to escape the insanity; the madman laughed as he jumped away from his friend and raced back the way he came. "Damn it!" Pewdie hissed, following the same way the girl went. "He's after you!"

As soon as he said those words, the girl screamed in terror, followed by laughter down the passage around the corner. "No!" Panicking, Pewdie charged toward the voices, rounded the corner and watched as Mad Cry cornered the girl; pinning her to the wall with his forearm pressed to her throat and raised the knife to plunge it to her heart. "Get away from her, Cry!" the blonde gamer snapped as he shoulder slammed him away from the helpless girl. The shorter male yelped in surprise then grunted as he hit the ground from them, the weapon flying from his hands. "Let's go." The taller man grabbed the shivering girl's hand and quickly dashed away as Mad Cry began to recover. He couldn't hurt Cry just yet, they had to find the exit before he could really stop him.
Obviously, piece 2 (well part of it I guess. I added the 'A' just in case) of this story. I don't know, this one felt a little too short for me. What do you guys think?

Again, forgive me if both Cry and Pewdiepie are completely out of character. It's a lot harder than it looks. And I never sure how Mad!Cry is. Is he like the 'just kill everything in sight and don't bother talking' insane, or the 'chaotic playful, want to mind fuck you and banter a little' insane? Or Mad Father Insane (wait... isn't the same as playful insane?)

I decided on the chaotic playful mindfuckery type since that one is a little more fun to write, I'm not sure. I guess, that's how I view Mad!Cry from whatever pics I see.

Orignially, I was just gonna stop there, but I didn't like how it ends. It doesn't feel like a good place to end it, just more of like a 'meh'. I do have some more planned out, but I'm having a writer's block on how to give Mad!Cry more screen time, but not wanting to drag it out so much, it bores everyone. So yeah, a bit of a pickle.

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Cry belongs to himself :iconcryaotic: and Pewdie also belongs to himself :iconpewdie:

Also the knife looks like this [link] but with a shiny metal blade and no characters engraved into it. I figured that at least one of the soldiers back then in Dream of the Blood Moon had this kind of knife. I don't know ^^; I guess the girl you try to rescue in the game saw one like this and it got stuck in the dream world?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! This was fun to write, now to let the rest come to me, so don't expect update of it as fast. Sorry. :shakefist: Curse you Writer's Block!
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CryBuscusPie Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
This. Is. Awesome! :iconwowplz:
Gotta love Cry's evil laugh! Seriously. His evil laugh always gives me chills... But for some reason, I like it.
Especially his evil laugh from Neir part four. "Perfect. Muahahahahahaha!"
I like to imagine that laugh... Its not like the typical sort of evil laugh, but its like a truly insane murderer...
Well, I'm really liking this story so far!
I hope you can overcome your writers block!
I've had writers block for three months now... :(
Hopefully, if I read more cry fan-fics, it will go away.
Really enjoying this, anyway! :D
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Thanks and glad you like it. xD Yeah, I used that laugh as inspiration to make Mad!Cry be more of the chaotic playful type. I've had writer's block for years. So with this fic, it shouldn't be long. I got most of the rest of the fic figured out... its just, I'm not sure how go about with this maze and Mad!Cry. I got some of the other half of chapter 2 figured out, but I'm not sure if I should keep Mad!Cry around after chapter 2 and be around for the rest of the fic, or 'end' him in chapter 2. :/

I used several songs as inspiration for Mad!Cry.
CryBuscusPie Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Well... If Mad!Cry was in for the entire fan-fic, then it wouldn't really be about Cry... It would be about Mad!Cry, if you know what I mean. Maybe have Cry gain control every so often? I don't know, just a suggestion! :) Also, sorry if there's any letters missing in this, my keyboard's been bugging out since I finished writing my story earlier today.
Yes. I overcame my writers block today.
I actually think... Me talking about writers block earlier scared it off... Weird.
Sorry for my long sentences! I generally ramble a lot if I've been typing all day. :)
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol I know how that is and I don't mind.

Well, no, I don't like having Mad!Cry be in control the entire time. I'm just not sure if I should have him still around either trying to take over Cry again when he's scared out of his wits or something else.

I kinda have an idea though. >.> But I really don't want to overpower the original story of the game (as in shift too much focus that its the girl's job to get the tears to the tree or something) But then, I'm just having trouble trying to put into words Mad!Cry's little game of hide and seek/tag.
Ninjatotes Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so amazing...
I don't even know where to begin.
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol :iconspazhugplz: Thanks and glad you're enjoying it. :3

Ninjatotes Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 no problem~!
You deserve all the brofist in the world. :3
Bro day everyday?
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Bro day everyday. :3

Ninjatotes Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Knightviper1 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
I like the "Playful insane" type of Mad!Cry :iconblackheartplz: This story is amazing!
Everyone else: :iconclappingplz:
Me: :iconclapplz:

i am eager for the next one, but i know of writers block :iconsympathyplz:
Good Luck with getting past it :icondeterminedplz: i beweeve in u
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