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March 25, 2013
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A/N: Yes, it's a PewdieCry story (though mostly focused on Cry) No, there is no pairing. I rather not do anything too extreme on a first time writing of the two. Um, enjoy. ^^;

Rating- PG-13 (I suppose, better safe than sorry)


Cry had no idea how long he had been running in this god forsaken dream from that... thing. It was just relentless and that shriek of it. He shuddered at the thought of it. No, no I will not think about that. He stopped and hid himself behind a tree, resting against it as he lifted his mask to sit on his forehead and allowed himself the luxury to gulp in fresh air. Cry hoped that Pewdie and that girl they ran into in this dream were safe. According to the girl, the – Render Woman, Slenderman's wife, demon bitch, whatever the fuck that thing was – had been chasing after her. She had no idea why it was chasing her though but she had to get six tears to make it stop. Of course both gamers, being how they are, agreed to help her and they devised a plan to split up. It wasn't exactly the best one but with three targets the creature should be confused on who to chase. Besides, it would just make it easy for her – it – to catch them all if they were bunched up in a group. Plus it should make it easier to find the tears. Keyword: should. So far, Cry had no luck finding the blasted things but had attracted the attention of Render Woman (he had to call it something) and since then been running from her.

He had passed by Pewdie and the girl a couple of time as they searched for the tears, both were terrified when Render Woman appeared. At first, she would switch targets once Cry was out of her range and he would hear them scream in terror at being chased. Then afterwards she would go back to chasing after him once the Swede or girl passed him by. But then he noticed, she paid less and less attention to them as they all ran about in circles trying to figure out where the tears would be. He didn't know why and quite frankly, didn't want to know why; it was creepy enough as it was without knowing the reason. For now, he would count his blessings and revel at taking a break from his mad dash with his demon stalker.

A faint red light bathed a patch of ground to his right, sweeping slowly over grass, bushes, and trees... searching. The gamer didn't notice, too busy readjusting his mask back on his face as it drew closer and closer to his location. Sweeping.. searching...

"I hope Pewdie is having better luck with the tears than I am..."

A sharp, monstrous shriek pierced the air.

Cry froze, his blood ran cold as his mind registered the sound. That scream... The very area around him tinted red in alarm, warning him of his impending doom. No way she could've found me that fast! I lost her at the broken wagon! Out of human reflex and fear, the brunette gamer peeked around the tree and his eyes widen in terror.

Sure enough, the creature stared back him from a distance, her head tilted slightly in reflection of how he was. No sound came from either of them, watching each other while the area remained drowned in red light. She knew what her target was thinking, the same thought all her targets of the past had. Run. Escape. Flee in terror. Not that any of it mattered to her, its what they all did. They would run and she would chase them, watching in amusement as each one panicked, fell in exhaustion and then snap awake. And there she will be... looming over their bedside, drinking in their screams as she tore their life away and dragged them into her world.

The little masked one will be no different, his mask may hide his face but there was no shielding his fear. She could see it, smell it... taste it. It radiated from him and she relished at watching him flee for his life. Perhaps he would last a little longer than the others? Granted she should search for her intended victim, the girl but the blonde male and the masked one came as a surprise to her but didn't banish them from this world. No, this was a first and she intended to enjoy every second of causing terror to these three for however long they could give her. Render Woman drew closer as the masked male shot back behind the tree. Such a silly creature, thinking he could hide from her. No one escaped her gaze for long. No one did. The figure bolted from his hiding spot, intending to lose her and she watched him flee.

Then she smiled.


Pewdie sighed as he rolled the tears in his palm as they walked along the fog dense forest. It was never wise to stay still for long, one never knew when that demonic thing would show up. He sighed again and rolled the two jeweled objects in his hand; between himself and the poor girl next to him, they managed to collect a whopping... two tears. Nowhere near enough to end this nightmare in their favor. He had gotten his from stamping out the embers in a confusing log maze, the Swede had no idea it was also a puzzle. He just wasn't up to being trapped in a burning maze if the embers ever caught the logs on fire. It was pretty farfetched, but then nothing ever was in this freaky nightmare world. The girl walked with him, looking about the forest nervously, wondering if that hellish woman would come back after her.

The blonde sighed, placing a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it in gentle reassurance when she yelped and jumped at the touch. "Hey calm down, bro. We'll be fine." He held the tears out to her, "Remind me again of where you found your tear?"

The girl glanced at it and tilted her head back a little in remembrance. "I got it at some ruins. I wandered over there because I saw some light there, a light blue one. In the ruins was this drop of water there, floating in the air. I got near it and it started to float away.." She blushed slightly, "It was the most calming thing I saw and it reminded me of a fairy, so I followed it, hoping to catch it." The girl giggled softly. "I guess that was the puzzle, follow the drop as it flew around and in between the ruin columns. And after I did, it turned out I was following the tear." She pointed at the one closest to her, "That's how I got it."

Pewdie smiled, handing the girl the tears as he ran a hand through is hair. "Awesome job bro! Now all we need is four more and we'll beat this!" he laughed, earning a smile from the female that walked with him, placing the tears into her pocket. He thought about it for a second and grinned. "Well, less if my bro, Cry, found anymore." The girl gazed up at him then tilted her head to the side, a question forming on her mind.

"Are you two actually brothers?"

"Hmm? Who are brothers?"

"You and that masked man... are you two really brothers?"

The Swede blinked owlishly, confused by her words for a moment before it clicked. He laughed aloud again, somehow forgetting how dangerous the situation was that called for silence. Especially if you were hiding from dangerous monsters that wanted nothing more than to kill you. But considering all the horror games he played, he was used to the same tactics used in them. Granted, he was still easily scared shitless when coming across horror but nothing deterred him from finishing said horror games. The blonde gamer waved his hand about as if to fan away his gaming thoughts. "If you mean by blood or some other family relation... no, we're not. But we do treat each other like brothers; laugh and play games together, even tease like ones. So we just call each other bros." He smiled wistfully, thinking back to their co-op games then shook his head and lifted a brow at the girl. "Why?"

She laughed and shook her head, "I was just curious. You say 'bro' a lot so I assumed you two were brothers." The girl looked around the forest again, reality sinking in and sighed. "I hope we can end this..."

Blue eyes flickered to an almost greyish hue in worry of his friend. "I hope Cry is okay and that demon bitch didn't get him..." He shook his head clear of his doubts. No, he will not think that way. "No, he's okay... I know Cry."

The girl glanced at the man next her, "Do you think we'll all get out of this alive?"

"Psh, of course we will!" The Swede declared, his voice changing slightly to sound girlish and like that of a fashionista. It earned him a giggle from her, calming her down. "We'll get the last four tears, put them near the tree and -" He snapped his fingers as if summoning someone to him. "- poof! Nightmare over and we all go home happy, healthy and barrel free!"

The female giggled again, unable to help herself from just being happy at the man's antics. Here she was in some god knows where, hellish nightmare and her help is coming from two unusual men that somehow wound up in the same dream as hers. Was it even a dream? She kept giggling though wondered about the last bit. Barrels? What could barrels have anything to do with what was going on now? Before she could open her mouth to question about them, a sharp scream of pain echoed throughout the forest.

Pewdie snapped his head toward the direction of the sound so fast, the girl surely thought he broke his own neck at the action. His eyes were wide in worry and fear. That scream... it wasn't the demon bitch's screech that was for sure. So that only left... "Cry..." he whispered before his gaze turned stormy and his face set to a serious one that didn't quite fit for one that always saw things in a positive light. "Come on bro!" He called out as he raced toward where the scream had resonated from. The girl hesitated for a moment then bolted after him, hoping she wouldn't lose him in the dense fog.

"But isn't that the demon woman?" She called out, anxious and terrified at going anywhere near that thing that was so determined to kill her for whatever hellish reason it had. The gamer ahead of her shook his head vigorously, sandy blonde hair thrashing with the movement. Even his trusty headset clung desperately to his skull in order to keep from flying off. How they managed to stay on for this long was anyone's guess.

"No, that was Cry! I know that voice anywhere!" Pewdie answered back a little harshly, deeply concerned over his friend's well being. He was hoping that the brunette gamer was alright and that scream was just him being startled. Not in pain. Cry wasn't hurt, he was fine. Not hurt but fine, damn it. "Come on, we have to help him!" The Swede continued to run through the fog, sneakers pounding the earth and uncaring that the branches of the trees and bushes scratched at him as he raced by. They were nothing but brief annoyances that failed to hinder him, he wasn't going to slow down anyway, even if his lungs were burning and demanded air. Hold on, Cry, we're coming bro! Just hang tight and don't you dare let that demonic freak get you!


The brunette gamer cried out again in pain as Render Woman swiped at him, sending him flying backwards. Her claws raking four furrows across his chest, luckily Cry's hoodie was thick enough to prevent the creature's nails from digging too deep, leaving only scratches on him. He hit the forest floor hard, groaning breathlessly in pain as he slid across the leaves a little. He coughed then rolled over and scrambled to his feet then fleeing from the monster once more. There was no way in hell he was going to stay still for her to damage him again.

"Goddamn it, get away from me!!" Cry shrieked in fear, ignoring the burning feeling in his legs as he pushed himself to keep going. The red light faded once he was out of the monster's field of vision, for the moment. But he knew, she was following him. The gamer panted, removing his mask and wiping his forehead clear of sweat as he looked around. "There's got to be a place to hide. Can't keep up doing this, I gotta find Pewdie and that girl." Safe for the moment and catching his breath, the brunette put his mask back on and walked, grass and dirt crunching softly beneath his converse shoes. His blue eyes scanned the surrounding forest, hoping to find something, anything that could serve as a hiding place even for a brief few minutes. Nothing came to him to give him relief, just trees, trees and more trees. He was starting to get sick of trees. They were just everywhere, taunting him.

He gulped and kept going, murmuring softly to himself in effort to calm himself, talking about how this nightmare offered no advice other than finding six tears. No telling them where to find them and how to obtain them. He froze and looked behind him when a frustrated screech sounded in the distance. The creature hadn't found him yet and she was angry about it. That's good. I hope. Shaking himself off, Cry continued on, hoping to run into his friends in this dense fog. "A bit of a dick move really, not telling us where or how to get these things but whatever." the gamer muttered, finding a path and following it. "I'll just stick to this path and hope for the best. Because so far, the best has not happened. At all. And I don't like that." He kept following it, still muttering to himself in a calm manner. "So path... you seem to be going on a linear way... oh you branching off here... Okay..." The American looked between the branched paths at the fork. Left or right? "Uh... I'll take the right this time, maybe I'll find some good news."

Cry walked for a short distance when something familiar appeared through the fog. "Hey, its this place again!" The broken wagon that he, Pewdie and the girl had passed by several times before. And he passed it quite a few times himself during his running away from Render Woman. Well at least he somewhat knew where he was now. It didn't really help but as he began to turn away to walk elsewhere, a faint blue glow caught his attention. He sucked in his breath. "Is that a tear?" Excited, Cry scrambled onto the remains of the wagon then peeked into one of the barrels from the knocked over cargo that was still stacked high on the wooden cart. Inside, hidden from view to the outside world, was a gleaming blue crystal. In the shape of a tear drop. "Finally!" he exclaimed, snatching up the item and jumped off the crates and goods. As he held it, a brief flashback of the poor girl that seemed to be asking for the tears, came to him. He winced at the moment his head hurt but it disappeared as quickly as it came. "I got a tear. I don't know what the purpose of getting a tear is but I have it..."

His moment of early celebration abruptly ended as he gasped softly in horror. In the distance, among the trees and fog, he spotted the eerie face of Render Woman as she looked for him. "No, not again! Come on!" She didn't appear to notice him right away, the red light of her field of vision swept through the area in search of him and he was just out of reach from it. Not taking any chances, Cry ran from her, using the fog and trees to his advantage to stay out of her sight. "Please... leave me alone, you fucking thing..." His voice hitched to almost a sob but no one was around to hear him, except that that damn thing looking for him now. He'll admit it, the demon woman scared him to death. Always so silent, only making noise when she was frustrated or had spotted him. Making it nearly impossible to tell where she was unless she was close by. If he hadn't seen her first when he did... The man shuddered at the thought. No use in thinking about it now. "Well, I got one out of seven... was it seven? No, it was six. Six tears... where the fuck are the other tears?" He asked himself, looking over his shoulder to where she was in general as he walked away. "I would very much like them. Pretty much immediately." He continued on, glancing backwards once in awhile to see if Render Woman was there or not. He grumbled a little in fear at the dead ends where clouds of shadows prevented him from getting away, to mumbling about how a bush was not going to help him.

The brunette kept walking along the shadow barrier, his fear rising until coming upon something familiar to him again. A large stone. He sighed in exasperation. "Great, I'm back where we started. Good job me." Then quickly fled the area before he drew attention to his location, it was bad enough that thing was stalking him, no need to make it worse. So he kept going, a couple of more times he was nearly cornered by the floating white faced freak, which only served to spike his fear even more. Panic and frustration was getting to him, exchanging hands frequently as he searched vainly for another tear or his friends. Or shelter... shelter would be good. Just to rest for a while...

His gaze soon fell upon some ruins, brow raising in confusion. "What's this? This is new. What are you? What've you got here?" They weren't destroyed or anything but rather old. Four stone pillars held up a dome roof of matching element sat in a clearing, partly hidden by the fog, but it was clear enough for him to see the outline of it. There were also remains of corner walls as well at the four corners of the place. It wasn't much but the male dashed for it anyway, any cover is good enough for him for now. Maybe a tear could be there too, to at least give him the idea they're actually making any progress in this nightmare world.

As he got closer, he saw it looked like an altar or something of the sort. Dust coated the place in a thick layer, vines snaked around the stone pillars and creeped along the broken walls. It wasn't very impressive looking but much better than the open forest. In the center of the stone platform was a basin, plain in style but as much as he learned, looks can be deceiving. "Is this where I got to put the tears in?" Or maybe have a tear already for me to take? Shrugging to himself, Cry jogged closer to take a peek, his gaze sweeping the area for the Render Woman but then refocused at looking at the bowl when he was close enough. It was empty. He sighed, "That's what I thought. Great. This is just perfect."

Suddenly four hidden walls sprang up from the edges of the stone platform he stood on and surrounded him, trapping him in darkness. He jumped and yelped in shock, looking around with wide eyes. "What? What happened?" What had he done? Did he trigger a trap that would endanger his life? Light slowly re-entered his vision, and he found himself staring at a wall. "Huh?" He blinked in confusion then stared in horror as writing began to form on the wall... in blood.

'Hiding here again
I can hear them searching me
escape punishment'

Cry murmured the words softly to himself as he read them, puzzled over the words and their meaning. Well, obviously he knew that he had to escape from something. What else would be chasing him in this god forsaken nightmare besides the demon bitch? In fact, where was he exactly? He remembered being at the altar thing then suddenly darkness. Was he transported underground? Worried, Cry turned away from the walls and headed down the small tunnel, it was pretty dark, enough light to see somewhat well but placed a lot of shadows everywhere as well. Not even a few steps away from his apparent starting place, he became terrified. He just caught a glimpse of Render Woman coming toward him then turned and drifted away down another tunnel.

"Oh god," he whispered, voice shaky. This was beyond not good. Of all the places to be stuck with that thing; it had to be a dark maze. Gulping, the brunette gamer followed the floating monster, hoping that since she was looking for him in front of her, she wouldn't think of looking behind. He had already lost sight of her anyway when he froze up at the start but hoped he would pick the right halls to stay away from her and find the exit. The passages of the maze themselves were cramped, wide enough to only let one person at a time to travel through them but still had enough room for him to easily turn right around and run if he had to. The walls had seen better days, cracked from age and were a sandy color, at least as far as he could tell from the layers of dust caked onto them. Dark stone made up the lower half of the walls and floor as cobwebs hung around everywhere like decorations. "Okay... okay.." he murmured as he gazed down two dark halls of where the tunnel he was in split. Picking left, he moved on, praying he didn't run into the creature here.


The American went ridged, blues darting about wildly in search of the sound. Was... was he letting his nerves get to him? Render Woman doesn't speak, thankfully, and he was no where near Pewdie or the girl, was he? With a soft chuckle, he shook his head to help relax himself as he chose another tunnel and continued on his way, still a little unnerved about his current situation. Cry wandered about the maze, his fear piking higher the longer he couldn't find the exit. Was there even one? There had to be, the air wasn't as musty as it should be. So there had to be an opening to allow fresh air in. He whimpered softly as he went down yet another hall, "I don't like this..."

The young man kept going, brushing aside sticky cobwebs from his path. "Okay... go down this tunnel here. Am I suppose to be avoiding things or something? I don't know..." He took another turn which ended with a wall in front of him. "Great, its a dead end..." He mumbled to himself as he turned around and backtracked a little. "Okay... okay... Maybe this way?" He licked his lips in a nervous habit as he traveled down another shadow choking corridor. He hoped to god it held good news as he looked down and entered various other paths in hopes of escaping. "Come on, give me something here." He thought for a moment then quickly amended his comment. "Something positive. You know, something good. For once."

So caught up with talking to himself, the gamer very nearly walked into the monster that was searching for him. Render Woman appeared to come out of a fog, floating down the same tunnel toward him, but she didn't seem to notice him again. Cry whipped around and ran down the same way he came to get away from her. "No... no... no.. no..." He chanted softly as he fled, ducking into another hall and peeked around the corner to see if she followed. The corridor was empty. He panicked for a short minute as he emerged from hiding, "Where.. where? Its not even here anymore... Okay." He relaxed as he quickly went to follow the path she took. He had to stay behind her some how, keep himself out of her sight. He smiled, softly chuckling to himself at the close call as he neared another dark entrance.

"Don't ignore me... Ryan."

"What?" He asked aloud in confusion as he turned the corner to look down the shadowed passage. Render Woman stare right back at him in the shadows, her white hands and face standing out in the dark with that sharp jack-o-lantern grin. The brunette screamed the second her figure registered in his mind and blindly bolted down the passage next to the one she was in. The creature shrieked in excitement of finding her prey, her voice echoing through the halls; making the poor young man jump and scream again in panic. "NO! No no no!" he wailed loudly, racing down the passage then skidded to a halt as he stared in horror in front of him.

It was another dead end.

"Let me out Cry..."

"NO!!" The gamer threw himself at the dead end, pounding the wall with his fists in blind effort to escape. The voice was silent to his ears as panic gripped his mind, only a small part of him even noticed it. It sounded male, familiar and yet alien to him. Also he had but at the same time never heard of it before. The faint thought was pushed aside in favor of primal fear as Cry whirled around and pressed his back against the wall, his white poker faced mask covering the terror on his face as he watched in growing alarm.

"Give me control..."

White fingertips came into view, then hands... then long black sleeved covered arms... Render Woman found him. Sobbing and babbling uselessly in fright, Cry slowly slid down the wall; his eyes, hidden behind his famous mask, never left her stick like form, forced to watch as she fully entered the passage and blocking his escape. "I'm fucking trapped..." he sobbed then curled up into a ball, desperately trying to hide in the shadows, make himself as small as possible. He clutched his head, drawing his knees up to his chest, forced his eyes closed. "I don't want to fucking look around!" The creature drew closer to him. Closer and closer. Savoring the sight of the terrified young man that refused to look up at her. She raised a hand...


The sound was so unexpected, the gamer jumped and looked up reflexively... right into the two black holes that served as Render Woman's eyes. His breath caught in his throat as he stared directly into her face, which was so close to his. Her right arm was past his field of vision but it was next to his head, her clawed index finger digging into the wall behind him, causing that scraping sound. Her horribly pale face took up his vision, her pitch black eyes, that wicked eternal grin surrounded him. The brunette shuddered visibly as she scratched the wall again, her grin seemingly to stretch wider at his reaction. Pure terror flooded his thought process as she drew closer to him that Cry's mind could no longer handle the situation.

He didn't scream.

He didn't whimper.

Only moaned softly as he collapsed against the wall and blacked out, the mind's only other solution to escape the horror that was bestowed upon him. Render Woman smiled cruelly. Her prey was helpless, out cold in front of her and unable to fight back. It was fun while it lasted but now she'll collect his soul then seek out the other two targets. She wrapped her slender, bony fingers around his neck, intending to strangle him to death in his sleep. Then suddenly the unconscious male's hand shot up and grabbed on the monster's wrist in a vice-like grip. She jerked back, startled by the movement. A voice chuckled darkly from the gamer's lips, familiar and yet a stranger to anyone that knew the American. It sounded sinister, corrupted... wrong. Laced with insanity.

Okay, this is loosely based off Cry's playthrough of Dream of the Blood Moon.

Also, this is my first time in writing something that is based off real people. So forgive me if they're completely wrong in this. I tried. ^^; Anyway, this isn't a full fledged fic. So I dunno what to call it but just a Piece.

I do have more than that written down but I'm not quite happy with it, so I figured it was best in giving you guys the good half of it. But if you guys do want the other half, no matter how crappy it is. Let me know. :)

Virtual cookie for anyone that figures out who the special guest is at the end. :cookie: (It's pretty obvious)

Next Chapter >>

Cry belongs to himself :iconcryaotic: and Pewdie also belongs to himself :iconpewdie:


Also bear in mind, I only wrote this purely out of fun. A idea that popped into my head after reading numerous PewdieCry fics and seeing various PewdieCry and Cry art that I couldn't sleep for about two days to write this. :3

Also if you wish to contribute this to other PewdieCry, Cry or Pewdie groups that's fine too. :3 I'd do it myself but many of the groups you have to join to contribute and for some reason DA isn't letting me join any of them. Probably my browser, I don't know.

I hope I did well with this and well, hoped everyone who reads it that they enjoyed it. ^.^ I hope to write more PewdieCry, and Cry fics soon. (I would make some Pewdie fics, but I need to work on capturing his zany personality down well to pull him off in written form. ^^; Cry is easier to write though hard as well. xD; )
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