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The poll is still open for Royal Rumble-

welp... made a new music video! This time for Virus! :D 


Well that was stupid of me... xD; I forgot to put the link for the video here... o.o I sowwie.

Here it is! Falling Inside The Black

And I don't know if anyone will be alerted via this journal, by putting their icons here... but gonna give it a shot!

Here's the list of everyone whose Art I used. :3 And Yes I gave credit in the video's description! :iconskipplz:

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A/N: Someone wanted an interaction between Echo and the other Crys. I was curious about the interaction myself and decided to write it. It turned out into something I didn't expect it to be.

Rating: PG 13 because damnit my muse was a little sick today

Enjoy. :) I hope.

This is also the final updated version! :meow:


“What the hell do you people want me to-?” Virus began as he entered the room then paused as he eyed Cry sitting at a table. Only, it wasn't him at all, he knew that instantly. No, just another concept idea brought to life by millions. The virus groaned in annoyance, how many more were out there? Wait, on second thought, he rather not know. “Egh, not another one.”

This Cry, whatever his name was (Virus didn't particularly care much), wore a pitch black mask with a pair of eyes scrawled in white. The rest of him looked like Cry normally did only in a much dingier color. Or rather looked like a thin film of black overshadowed him, but that wasn't caught Virus' eye. No it was the wisps of... whatever it was that came off this one's body. In fact his entire body seemed to have trouble staying still, shifting subtly like smoke. Virus lifted a brow at him as the duplicate seemed to fiddle with a piece of fanart of their original. 'Who was this suppose to be? Smokey!Cry?'

“I don't have time for this...” Virus spun on his heel and proceeded to head back. Really, he had better things to do than waste his time on 'playing nice' with new Cry concepts. In fact, why did he have to do it? There's plenty of them to choose from to talk to these things. Only he froze mid-stride as the black band around around his neck beeped and a single blue light turned on. He felt a slight tingle coming from it, his only warning that he had to obey. Or else he was to be punished severely. He growled in frustration as he placed a hand to his throat, touching the collar; fingers curling slightly on it in the urge to rip it off. But he couldn't it, not without being given a harsh dose of one of his weaknesses. “I'm going to enjoy throttling the lot of you with your own collars...” Virus spat darkly, grinning at the idea behind his broken mask.

Well whatever, might as well deal with this one, get it over with and return to his room. Let the so called researchers have their fun for now, because he was going to make sure he'll pay them back for all this shit he had to go through. He was a virus for fuck's sake, not some lab rat or pet. “Just keep planning their deaths...” he muttered, turning back to deal with the new concept, in time to see the new Cry directly in his face. “Geh!”  

When the hell did that thing get so close to him?!

The shadowed Cry stared directly into Virus' cyan eyes. Or at least the program thought so, it was actually impossible to tell, as all he looked at were white circles on the mask. It was rather unnerving to be honest, as the other continued to study him. How the hell did he see if there were no eyeholes? “YoU'̕Re ̛Vi͏r̸Us!҉cR̛y,̕ ͠a͠rE̵N't y̨Ou͏?”́

“Yes, the one and only.” Virus answered, keeping his corroded voice as even as possible as he lifted a brow at the other's vocal pattern. It was strange hearing it, he detected Cry's pattern in there but barely since it was overshadowed by what sounded like several voices speaking to him at once. There were too many to filter to hear 'Cry's voice' anyway. It was like his own and yet not at the same time. Creepy. His instincts informed him it was best to not let the other one touch him... at all costs. He agreed with those instincts and slid back a step, shifting to cross his arms over his chest. “And you are?”

Surprisingly, the other Cry's mask eyes squinted as he chuckled at some private joke, moving away in a blur of motion, the smokey wisps following him like a ghostly tail as he appeared back at the table, caressing the fanart piece lovingly. “̸Ec̸H͝O̴!cR̢y҉.̀”

'Original. Well that explains the echo effect his voice has and certainly better than Smokey!Cry.' Virus thought to himself, watching Echo's movements, hoping that would tell him something about his character. Something in Virus just told him to not trust this... thing, there was just something wrong with him that he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Whatever it was, Virus wanted nothing to do with this... Echo and leave. Just leave and never see this thing again.

“͞h͏E'̡s͟ ͞So ͝c͏U҉Te̸ ́IşŅ't H̵e͞?”̡

The sudden question broke into the virus' thoughts as he looked up at Echo, confused as to why he would even ask him that kind of question. In fact, why did he sound almost... girlish? Echo held up the fanart piece for Virus to see, giggling girlishly that just didn't fit right with that echo effect. “Who?”

“͟C̷r̷Y̛, ͏sIl̨L̛y̡!” Echo giggled, waving the paper, “̧H̢e'̧S ̧j̷Us͟T sO ͠DrE҉Amy͡, ̷I͜s̸N͘'̧t h͜E?”̶

“Uh...” Virus gave Echo a lidded glare at the question. Really? Was this really what the infamous Virus!Cry had been reduced to? Answering ridiculous questions and conversing with such wastes of energy? All for what? A bunch of humans so high on their pride over some piece of paper in the name of science? 'I really am going to enjoy each and every one of their deaths.'

Echo waved the paper again at the viral being, insisting he look at it and gave his thoughts of how 'cute' Cry was. He didn't want to, he really wasn't up for this kind of shit. He slightly shifted his feet... The band around his neck gave the warning tingle again. Damn it. 'Fine. Load of bull all this is...' Virus thought bitterly as he glanced at the fanart piece briefly.

Show him! Show him the picture! Its too far away to let him see! The voices only Echo could hear squealed excitedly. They were so happy and giddy at seeing the 'sexy' virus so close to them and speaking. Get closer and show him! Show him how beautiful Cry is! Show him!

The other Cry suddenly blurred, rushing at Virus and slammed him up against the door, the fanart pressed against Virus' face as Echo screamed at him. “̡Is͞Ǹ'͡T ̧hE̵?!”͞  The program didn't answer, partly dizzy from having the back of his head crack against metal of the door as well as being startled at the amazing speed. He didn't voice it though, staring in shock at anime-ish Cry's smiling face, its blue eyes seemingly giving him an accusing look as Echo giggled madly. The voices changed, sounding jealous of the virus. He can't have him! Cry doesn't belong with him! Ours! He's ours! “̨b̡U̢t͞ ̷y̴O͘u͡ ͢CáN͢'̀t ͡h̴Av̨E̴ ̨h͘Im̛!”̡ he laughed, a mix of girlish giggles and harsh anger, “̶B̧eC̴a̷uS̸E ͢h͝e͝'̢S̀ ͝m̴In͠É! ͠ḾiNE!̧ ̕MiNE̷!̶!”

“Get the fuck off of me!”

You're hurting him! Let him go! The voices changed again, angry at Echo, scolding him for being so rough. Virus is the best, let him go! How could you hurt him? Listen to him!

Echo obeyed, retreating from the digital twin; leaving him be to gasp and cough from being freed from the shadow's grasp. Virus leaned against the wall, staring in equal parts anger and confusion at the concept's behavior. What is with this thing's erratic behavior? What exactly is Echo's problem? He didn't move as Echo began to cry, holding the drawing close to him and turning to Virus, who froze, watching him closely. Cry will be so mad now. Why doesn't he listen to us? We only wanted to see his face. Why won't Cry-senpai notice me? Cry-senpai! Cry-senpai! Notice us! We want to talk with you! “̢V̕i͜Ru͝S͝.͜.́.̷ wHy͝ WoN'́t͢ ͝s͘E̢nPai ̷NoTiC͝E mE̕?” The shadowed Cry whined, rubbing one arm across the mask as if to dry tears there and continued to whimper and pine for the masked gamer's attention.

'Are you fucking serious? Is that all he's worked up about?'Virus panted and growled, his whining getting on his nerves more so than his brief panic attack when Echo pinned him to the door. Pushing off the door and dusting himself off, he hissed his displeasure over the entire thing. “Does it look like I give a shit if he pays attention to you or not? What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

Echo had stopped crying, instead he giggled and pointed at everything around him. “͠Th̸E̕ f̵AnS͡ s͠pEAk ̡t́O͞ mE͟..̵.̛”͜ ̴ The voices switched yet again and began bickering over which of the two fan favorites was better, Mad or Virus.

“Uh-huh... That's great.”

“͝Y̡o͟U'r͜E ̷rI̷G͠h̕t͝! MaD i͟S̕ ́b͏Et̴T͜e̶R!̷”̨

“͢nO̷!͏ ̕ViRųS ̀i͡S͢!͡”̢

“Oh for fuck's sakes...”



“I hardly see the point in bringing that knife loving maniac into the conversation...” Virus rolled his eyes and glared at the camera tucked away in one of the corners away from the door. “The man is insane. Is that the evaluation you wastes of space are having trouble with trying to figure out? This thing apparently hears voices in his head, that should've been the given right there!”

“̶s͞Ţo͘P ̶b̶E͠Įn͠g ͘M͞eĄn͏ ͏t͏O̡ V̕ìRuS-s͢Àn͞!̶”

“Now the fucking idiot is speaking Wapanese!”


“For the love of CyberSpace, can I just fucking go to my room now!?” Virus yelled at the camera, “This has been a waste of my fucking time, you worthless idiots of science! Echo is insane, end of the damn story!”

Should've paid attention.

Virus cursed himself as Echo once again caught him off guard and rammed him against the wall, giggling insanely. Virus is so kawaii! Hug him! Kiss him! So dreamy! The voices shifted, all girlish and blushing. They tittered at Virus' perfect look, gushing over him as if he was another manga character for their fantasies. So many piled in and changed Echo's line of thinking, urging him and insisting him to be as close as he can manage for their sake. The program tensed, suddenly feeling that this time it was different than before as Echo giggled and purred. He didn't know what it was about but it made his skin crawl at just the creepiness of it all. And what the hell is up with the purring? Really, Echo was insane, he knew that much but who the heck came up with this concept? “Get the fuck away from me, Echo...”

“̛Ḑo̷K̵i dÒk͞I̸!” Echo purred, “͟Ec̡Ho̷-̡C͠h̴An i͞S h̕ApPy̵ ̀ViR̶uS-sAn ̛sAiD͘ ̨eChO͠-́cH̀aN̴'͟s ̧n̵AMe!҉”͡

“What the hell are you going on about now!? You know what, I don't want to to know.” Virus hissed acidly, going for intimidation rather than waste his abilities, “I'm only giving you this one chance... get the hell away from me before I pump your insides full of electricity, have you pop like a bloody balloon and leave you for the janitor to clean up.”

Echo didn't back away, only seemed to smile much more dangerously at him, it was hard to tell with the lack of a mouth on the mask. Instead the shadow kept the program trapped against the wall and purred louder, pressing his body against the virus' own. The voices went into frenzy at the threat, twisting it to fit their ideas and became much more excited, giggling and not at all scared. “T̶hÁt s̀Ou͢N̷dS ̵kInK͞Y.҉.. p͡UmP̛ ̨aẀaY̕ ̸Y͡oÚ ͟sE̵xY p̵R̶oGrA̧m!”́ he purred deeply, leaning close to Virus' face, who stiffened in shock and let the meaning sink in, “yOu͟ ̸Ca͜Ņ cR͠a͡S͞H ̶mY sY͝sT͠Em͢ An̸Y d̸A̢y.̴.͢.”̛

'Did... he... just..?'

Suddenly Echo's head snapped back, staggering away as the black mask flipped through the air and clattered to the floor a little ways away from them. Virus kept his arm up from the uppercut he threw, his face twisted into look of rage while his visible eye ticked at the whole ordeal. He huffed as his body shook in barely contained fury over the fact that he, Virus!Cry, had been pinned, not once but twice by some sex-starved fan-made creation. “You. Did. NOT. Just think to rape me, did you, you complete failure of a Cry concept?!”

The fangirl voices vanished, went quiet at the words. Darker fans crowded in to fill the empty space, hissing and spitting in rage. How dare this one question them! How dare he insult their fantasies, their desires! Fury pooled and bled into their pet.


“Did I stutter? Yes, a complete and miserable failure!”

Echo's entire demeanor shifted drastically as his body snapped back up from its awkward bent back state, causing the virus to freeze and stare in horrified confusion at his face. Or rather... a lack thereof. Echo had no face, merely a deep black hole where the face should've been. “̕I a͝M nOt҉ ̕ThE ̨f̕Ai̛LuRE̛.”̕ His wispy body blurred with motion again, planting himself directly in front of the black/blue clad virus, leaning forward to stare him down. “B͢uT̀ ͠y͠Ou aR͘e,̶ ̶ArEn̶'̸T̡ y͡O̕u,̧ V̨iRuS?̀”͠

Startled at the sudden shift in attitude, Virus glitched away to the other side of the room, confused and little scared from staring into the void of the faceless Cry; only to stifle a gasp as Echo kept himself in front of him easily. What?” How was he keeping up with him?!

Virus always had been close to Cry... He's a failure! Why isn't Cry like Virus? Why doesn't Cry follow what we want?! The voices demanded angrily, focusing their rage on Virus. He had forever to take over Cry, so WHY hasn't he done so!?

“͢YóU ͡hA͞d ̡à ͡Lo̧N͏g̛ ̡tI͟m͟E, ̶V͠įRùS.̡..͏” Echo continued to hiss, sounding almost jealous, “S̛o LoŅg ͞bE̢i͝Ņg̕ iN ̀C͝r͘Y'̡s̛ ͢pR͢e͢ŞeNCe...͢ ̵MoSt̕ ̨cU̡n̷N͢iŅG ͡o͢F͝ t̴H̷ŗȨE͝ ̀ąNd͞ ͠yOu sTi̡L̀l̀ ͞fAiL̷èD ̨tH̛e̵ ̡F̧aŅb̵AS͟e...”

“You mean the sex-starved teenage girls that can't make the effort to realize he's not into brats?” Virus spat, glitching away again to keep distance from this unstable thing that threatened him. He had to get out of room, it was too cramped for battle. Then again, with no real prior knowledge to Echo, he didn't want to be anywhere near this thing. Escape was the only option. He pressed two fingers against the collar, hoping the light was off so he could leave. No, it was still giving the warning tingle. 'Tch. Of course, they wouldn't.' He grunted in frustration, the researchers weren't going to let him out of the room soon. This was apparently valuable data and they weren't going to let him destroy that chance to gather it. 'Damnit, I am so going to enjoy killing them when I get the damn chance.' “What makes you think I care what the hell they feel?”

Echo kept pace easily, maskless face still inches from Virus' own broken mask. “Y̧o͞U̸ cAn'͠T e͜Sc̀A̕pE y͟O͜u͜R ͞fAul̷T̛s...” Although he was faceless, Echo's sight wasn't hindered in the least, grinning to himself as he clearly saw the horror growing in the viral being's eyes. He knew him well, knew his faults... his weaknesses. He was everything... and nothing at the same time. He moved smoothly as his target glitched away from him again, forcing the virus to stare into the void that was once his face. Even Echo couldn't remember what it looked like anymore. “E͢vEr͘Yt̵HiN̕g͏ ̕y͢O͞u Ar͘E iS a ̀mIs̷TaK͜e͏..̕.”̵

Mistake! Mistake! The voices chanted and hissed, Failure! Mockery! Weak, pathetic thing!

“Sh-shut up!” Virus hissed, again glitch warping away to trying to put as much distance between himself and Echo. He hated this one, seriously hated him for all this shit. He suppressed a shiver going through him, he wouldn't admit to anyone but he was getting scared. How was this thing keeping up with him without much of a struggle? Though if anything, that void creeped him out more than the voice and speed did. Echo didn't follow him this time, instead he stood still on the far side of the room and watched him, almost waiting for him to make a move.

“S̷ưCh ̨a͏ h҉O̕r͏RiBle ҉m̵IsT͜áK͢e.͘.̀.͜”̶  Echo's voice whispered in his ear, causing the virus to whip around to see the shadow now standing where the voice had been heard. So very close to him. A soft gasp escaped Virus in sheer surprise at how quickly Echo closed the distance between them without him seeing it. Black wispy tendrils appearing on the floor and inching across from where Echo stood, reaching for Virus with smokey fingers. The program leaped away from the shadow to avoid having the things touch him, not wanting to know what they would do if they got a hold of him.    

“What the hell? How did-?”

Weak! Why does he exist? Who could've made such a pathetic idea? Cry never should have made you!

“C͡r̨Y͏ ͢rEgR̸eTs̢ m͟A͘kI͢n͞G̨ y̨Ou.̡..͝”

Make it dark! Blind him! He can't fight what he can't see!

The room dimmed as the wisps continued their crawl along the floor, some creeping up the wall. Virus ignored them in favor keeping track of Echo, uneasiness growing to fear as more whispers brushed against his ears, making him turn this way and that, growling as Echo appeared wherever he looked. He had to stay calm but it was difficult to do so, he knew nothing of this thing and yet the shadow knew everything about him. He growled at him as more wisps of darkness continued to eat away at the carpet and walls.

Distract him! Block the door! Don't let him out!

It was getting so dark...

Virus gasped, looking around himself in horror, seeing his mistake. The room was so dark, there was enough light to let him see but still so much darker than how it originally was. Shadows seemed to reach for him as he stepped back in shock. How could have he been so stupid?! He fell for the trap, he became too preoccupied with Echo, which was all the shadow needed to seal the door in darkness and prevent him from fleeing. He was trapped, standing on a tiny island of carpet and light as the tendrils slithered inch by slow inch toward him, and no where else to go. He suddenly felt light-headed, breaths coming in small, short huffs; his lungs moving much more quickly to take in air. 'I'm trapped. No way out! Not enough air...' Virus shook his head, fighting down his fear to keep it from overtaking him, 'No, damnit! I will not turn into a pathetic, shaking mess because of this asshole! I won't allow it! His thoughts and resolve wavered slightly, 'But... the shadows... so close...' He mentally slapped himself, ' Come on, Virus! Get it together!'

“Y͢oU̢'̷Re̛ n͏O͢t̛HiņǴ b͟U̴t ͝a͜ m͏I͝sE͏rAb̕lE̕ f̀AiL͝uRe.͞.͟.͜”

“Shut up!”

The voices mixed, some still angry, others cooing over Virus' frightful look. He makes us so mad... but he's still so cute! They giggled and sneered, He can make it up to us... we still love him! He can still get Cry... in other ways.

Virus stiffened as he felt arms wrap around his waist and felt Echo press his chest against his back. Why does Echo insist on touching him so much?! The virus growled at him, which only made the voices more excited without his knowledge. “Don't. Touch. Me.” Virus hissed angrily. He swore if those hands went any lower, people were going to die today.

“C͜r̨Y ̸w͏Ill͜ ͘N͡eVeR͝ ͏aC̛c͡ePt ̸yO̴u͠..́.”̨  Echo purred with a slight growl mixed in, rubbing his chest a little against Virus' back. The virus shivered at the contact, disgusted. Angry. 'That's right focus on the anger. Fear is meaningless to you, nothing. Come on anger.' “yO͜u ͜Ca̕N ̸sTiLL͝ mAkE ͘iT͘ ͠uP͘ ̵T͠o t̷He f͢A̢nbÀs͡E.̕..̕”͏

Virus latched onto the anger, steeling himself as he charged electricity to his hand, resisting the urge to flee from the darkness crowding towards him. The little carpet island shrank around his feet as Echo kept up the strange mixture of purring and growling, nuzzling his back. “Yeah well tell the fucking fanbase to shove their Cry senpai problems up their ass!” The virus snarled, twisting around within Echo's arms and slammed his charged up hand against the shadow's chest, releasing the charge while shoving him away. “And I told you to stop touching me!”

Echo screamed as he was hurled backwards, landing in the shadows that filled the room. Virus slapped his hands over his ears to block out of the high pitched echoing shriek. With so many voices added to Echo's own original one, it was almost deafening. The voices screamed in rage, shrieking over the virus' attack. How dare he! How dare Virus attack them for no reason!? How dare he betray them all! The fans filled Echo with malice. Return the favor! They screamed at him, Let him feel what he did to us! The shadow snarled as he melded into the surrounding darkness. “͞Tr͝A͢i͠T̶o͝R!̕”͡

“The hell you talking about? I never sided with the fans.” Virus spat, keeping a tight hold on his anger as the room dimmed further. Fear crept up, clawing at his anchor, eager to pull it away. 'Don't lose it now...' “Whatever the hell your problem is has nothing to do with me! Now let me the hell out before I kill you!”

LIAR! Its his fault Cry is still the same! He let him refuse us! HIS FAULT!

“I̢t͢ Ha̷S̷ ͠e͟V́eR̵yThIn҉G tO ̵Do̷ wI͏t͟H yO̢u͜!̸”̸  Echo roared, rushing out of the darkness with blinding speed, his wispy body leaving behind a ghostly trail. Virus twisted to strike at him but hissed as Echo sped past, slashing at his side and ripping both the coat and shirt open with something the program couldn't see. He refused us! He refused us! “̡h͜O͞w͜ Da̶R͞e yO͠u Aĺl̡Ow ÇrY̸ ͠t̴O rĘf̶ÚsE͏ ḩIs Fa҉N͞s!͢” The shadow shrieked angrily, dashing out and lashing at the virus again, slicing his leg. “̨CrY̸o̵AtIc mU҉sT̵ ̶oB̛e̛Y͘ t̶H̵e͝IR ̀wIll̶!̵”͝

Virus cried out as Echo sped past him several times more, claw marks and shredded clothing appearing on his arms and across his chest. He huffed, grimacing in pain and the fact he failed to land a hit on Echo. 'He's fast... faster than me in the dark... Damnit Cry, you screwed me over.' “Motherfucker please, if I can't get that hoodie wearing bastard to yield to me in fights; what fuck made you and your fruit loop fans think he would get on his hands and knees and bark like a dog to a bunch of ungrateful shits?”

“͘F͝oR̢Ce hIm̶!” The shadow Cry snarled, charging at Virus only to feign the attack, disappearing in wisps of black as Virus fired bolts of electricity to strike back. Echo changed tactics to faking charges; running at him only to disappear within reach, forcing him to twist and turn, aggravating the wounds and whittle down his strength.

“You don't listen very well do you?” Virus sneered back, trying to focus on his pattern. 'Almost got the pattern...' He grimaced again as he made the pain worse from his constant shifting to keep an eye on the raging shadow. He smirked after a bit. 'Got it now. One... Two... Three...' Echo burst out of the darkness and raced toward him, screaming. The virus stared him down, counting in his head. 'Three... Two... One...' He whirled around, ignoring the burning pain as he caught the true Echo barreling towards him and fired bolt of electricity. The shadow jerked in surprise at how quickly his target had figured out his attack pattern and shrieked as his body spazzed from the jolt before leaping back away and melting into the darkness surrounding the viral program. “Predictable little shit. You may have gotten some hits in but its not enough to drop me like a brick.”

Hit him! Hurt him! the voices raged, Make him bleed!

“Th̕E͏ǹ I ͏w҉IlL̛ ̡bR̀i̸Ng҉ yOu͠ ͢M͠o҉R͜e͠ ̡pA҉i̴N a͜S͡ y̢Ou͘ ̀WiSh!҉” Echo snapped icily, eyes burning a bright white, letting Virus catch a glimpse of him briefly before he vanished into the shadows again.

“Just try it, pretty-Gah!” Virus began then cried out as pain scored through him, an angry gash suddenly appearing on his back. “What fu-!” A piece of his pant leg ripped away, leaving behind a bleeding mark on his thigh where he was struck. He grimaced as his body trembled with pain, trying to locate Echo. Just how was that asshole hitting him now? He didn't even see him coming towards him. 'Just full of magic tricks, aren't you, you little reject?'

Echo prowled, circling the virus, the white eyes of the mask locked on his target. Feeling the rage burn through him by the fans. They were so angry; infuriated that the viral program didn't listen to them. He will pay... he will pay dearly. Virus focused, hearing a faint crack in the air before feeling pain striking him again in the back. But he recognized that sound and he should've known from the first hit. 'Whips, huh? That's gonna make it hard.' The shadowed Cry circled him again, growling in anger as the virus dodged the next hit, glitching to move faster. “͡ýOų ́WiLl̛ ҉fOrC̸è h͞I̴m͘!̶”͘ Echo snarled, mixing his tactics to confuse him further. He rushed Virus again, distracting him before disappearing and letting the whip strike from a different angle; drawing a line of blood along the left arm. He chuckled, letting his words lashed the mind. “j̨UsT̷ ͠A͏s ̀hE ͢f͢OrC̨Ed̨ yOu ͠Int̡O d̡A̶r̷K̢nEsS!”̕

Fall Virus! Fall!

Virus' eyes flickered in memory for a brief moment, unable to stop himself.


Echo bull rushed him once more, this time not going for the feign but attack. Virus, disoriented, turned away from the shadow, expecting the attack to be elsewhere. Only to do a double-take at seeing the white flash from Echo's eyes and charged his hand a little too late. The program went to fire the bolt but gasped as Echo ducked into his attack and caught his forearm, forcing it upward away from him. The bolt lashed through the air and struck the remaining overhead light, shattering it.

The room plunged to pitch black darkness.


Virus' breath caught in his throat, horrible memories rushed to the surface of his mind, launching themselves at him from the inky blackness surrounding him. No light existed, just utter darkness. A yawning abyss that swallowed anyone that entered. 'No! Not here again! It couldn't be true could it? It had to be a lie. It was impossible, right? He was free damn it, free! There was no way he could be..! His right arm began shaking and he clapped his other hand over it in attempt to steady it. “Don't shake.” he hissed at himself, glaring at the empty space before him. “Don't fucking shake!”

But his body paid no heed to his words and shook from his primal fear, falling prey to his nightmare. “No... No... no no... I'm not back there!” Virus looked around wildly for something... anything to prove him right. To prove that he wasn't in the UnderNet. But there was nothing. Just like the void that was the cybernetic graveyard. 'Come on damnit... give me something here!'

Bitter cold, a familiar cold, crept over him and forced him to shiver as the memories of the UnderNet bubbled and churned within his mind, feeding his fear. The program wrapped his arms around himself in attempt to stave off the chill, trying to calm his breathing as they came in short gasps. “Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe out...” 'I'm not here! I'm NOT here!'

Something floated by him.

Virus went still, staring in horrified shock as he watched the object float by. 'No...'

Junk data lay scattered in the void, broken and dim, making it nearly impossible to see. Back in those dark days, Virus considered himself lucky to even see those as he floated in nothingness. To see them here then... His mind fell further in believing what he saw. He shook his head in denial, refusing it. He couldn't... Suddenly he grimaced, hugging himself tightly as he bore the pain. Pain, he was in so much pain... it burned.

It felt so familiar.

Confused, the virus managed to raise his hand to see why then wished he hadn't. His hand had corroded away, leaving him with just a few fingers. Bits of data shattered and fell from his frame, disappearing into nothing. He recognized the pattern. “NO!” He looked down at himself, a leg missing, chunks of the other gone. His other arm whittled down to a half stub and large pieces of his body ripped away by the deletion.




He never escaped the UnderNet..!

Virus screamed in terror.


Echo watched in amusement as Virus only screamed incoherently, clutching his head as he shut down to the world, trapped in his own dark memories. The voices chuckled and laughed at his suffering, tittering over the power to break him however they wished. More! They giggled, Make him suffer even more!

Unable to help himself, the shadowed Cry rushed the virus again, shrieking like a banshee. Virus snapped partly out of the shock, twisting and firing another bolt of lightning in reflex to the danger. Echo grinned and lashed at it with a dark whip in a parry; the second the bolt made contact with the whip it turned black, corrupted by the influence. Echo then sent it back and striking the virus in retaliation. Virus yelped in pain as the electricity clashed with his system and jolted him, throwing him to the floor. Amazingly it didn't paralyze him but it did the trick to knocking the program down flat on his back. The second he did, however, a wispy shadow lashed out and wrapped around his neck, pulling it to the floor to keep him on his back. “Guh!” Virus gasped, hands flying up to pull it away.

“͞T̢h́E̢R͞e ͜i͢S nO ̨p̛LaC͜E͞ ̵fO͡r ̀ThE b̀RóKeN̨ In̷ tH̴e̵ ̨L̸iG̨hT.́.̡.҉” Echo's maskless face hovered over Virus', who stared up at him in horror, still half trapped in his own memories. He twisted to get away but gagged as the wisp tightened around his throat and fingers, pressing them painfully against his neck.

“Aah..!” The virus rasped softly, “G-get... get away from me!”

“WhA̡t'͏S̀ ̛ẃR͜oN͢g,͠ ͡ViŖuS͘?̨” Echo's face faded away then reappearing with his mask on, the white eyes standing out in the dark as he practically straddled the pinned virus. “w͠Hy̸ S͢t͟Rug͞G͟le?̸” he asked as Virus shifted and struggled to get him off, growling angrily as more shadows gripped at the program's clothing. Kawaii~! The voices shifted to the fangirls and boys again, giggling and squealing over the sight. It was just like in their twisted fantasies, only so much better than they could dream up for their fanfictions. Virus is so smexy and hot! All torn up and bleeding! Bound and partly gagged! Play with him Echo! Make him squirm! Echo laughed darkly, a mix of fangirlish giggles and male chuckles as he dragged a finger over Virus' exposed flesh through the torn coat and shirt, watching the lean muscle quiver and jump in fear. “Ỳo̧U̧ sHoU̴l̴D gI͘v́E ͞i̴N t̕Ơ tH͡eIr̡ ͠TḩoUǵHtS aNd ̵d̵Es͠i͟Re̷s̢.͘.͢.”

“Ge-get off!” Virus hissed, voice soft as he struggled to breathe. 'Glitch... just glitch!' He closed his eyes and tried focused, difficult as his fears ran rampant and lack of air. His mind quivered at the idea, still partly lost in memory. His body was fragmented, could he even attempt a glitch warp as badly broken as he was? He froze in horror at the thought, would he die? Part of him resurfaced and pushed at the fears to let him think. 'No... I won't... Just memories... they're just things of the past!' He had to glitch away, escape; damn the researchers and their fucking collars! He's gladly take the shock rather than deal with Echo's erratic and dangerous personality. He felt his body break apart a bit but then felt them slide back together. He didn't even feel the sensation of warp. Alarmed, the program let one hand go from the wisp, looking at it as he focused again. He saw the pixels of his hand shift and move away slowly, the process for warp but then just snap back into place as if nothing had happened.

He couldn't warp away... why?!

“̴T͏h̢ErE ís͞ ̸N̕o ̨eScAp̢E̛.̴..͡” Echo purred again, leaning over him to stare at his target in the eyes. He watched as Virus glared at him in both fright and anger, seeing his next move so easily as the viral program curled his hand into a fist and threw it at him with the intention to harm. Between Virus' clumsy reflexes due to fear and Echo's dominate position, the shadow easily caught the fist in one hand. He knew exactly what he was thinking and chuckled at the virus' expression of horror at seeing the lack of a punishing jolt. “̸sE͢e? YoU'̵rE̢ ͠tHe͟ fAi͏L̴uR̢e.́ Y̵oU ̸c̀A͝n'̶T ̕hAr̢M҉ ͟mE.”͏

How?! How was this possible?! He couldn't escape, couldn't generate electricity anymore... why!? A brief memory flickered across his mind and Virus latched onto it, digging at it for answers. His last attack when Echo charged at him, screaming and he thought it was another feign attack... his bolt of electricity turned black, turned and struck him. Had... had the black bolt disabled his own powers? 'Im-impossible!' He was fucking Virus!Cry! Nothing could stop him but... Virus shook, unable to suppress it any longer, staring up at the shadowed Cry in terror as the wisps clawed at his hair and coat; grabbing and pawing at his body, seeking purchase at whatever they could reach. Virus hissed at their intention as he kicked and slapped at the smokey hands, trying to sweep them away from himself. Only for his own limbs to slip through them as they kept grabbing at him, unhindered by his struggles.

“͠dO̴ ͏yOu͘ ͟UnD͘eRs͜TA͝nD̢ ̀n͢O͢w?̧” The shadow leaned closer to Virus, then felt a spike of anger and jealously as the virus ignored him in favor of sweeping uselessly at the wisps groping at him. Pay attention! Echo hissed, hands wrapping tightly around the program's neck and squeezed, bringing his attention to center on the shadow. “DoN'̛t ̴iG̸nOrȨ ̴m͢E͡!͏” Echo spat, squeezing again as Virus made a soft strangled sound; his hands flying up to grip onto the shadowed Cry's own wrists and struggled, kicking at the floor in attempt to escape.  

The flare of anger and jealously vanished in favor of a near drunken stupor of happiness upon seeing Virus' hands on his own. The voices went into another frenzy, squealing and screaming in joy at being 'touched'. He touched us! He touched us! Echo, you look so smexy on top of Virus! So dreamy! He began giggling, releasing his target's throat to let his hands fly up to his mask, acting like a blushing fangirl. Virus gasped and coughed, chest heaving as he sucked in as much air as he could to feed his burning lungs. Echo purred at action, giggling in glee at his hapless victim that lay partly bound to the floor below him. If he could blush, he would, seeing him lay there, clothes torn and that lovely little wisp wrapped around his neck. If he didn't know any better, he'd say it looked... rather inciting.  

He tilted his head, listening to the voices speaking and giggling with him. They agreed. They whispered to him, suggested something that would've made him blush. Virus struggled again beneath him, twisting in place to break the wisp's hold but the action only served further harm as it tightened around his neck. The voices went quiet as they watched, shivering and giggling as the virus emitted another soft, strangled cry at the grip, fingers back at his neck to pry the wisp loose. The voices grew louder, excited, insisting and urging him to act on their behalf. The fans enjoyed this, loved it, desired it... wanted more. If it was what the fans wish then Echo would obey without a thought. The voices cheered at the decision, laughing and tittering as they watched their Cry ran his hand down the virus' chest again, hearing Virus snarl in warning as he struggled again.

“Don't f-fucking to-touch me!”

“͏T̛h̸E ̡mOrE̛ ͟y͞O̴u̴ ̛sT̵rUgg̢Le̵, ̀tH͟e͡ mO͝R̶e E͠x͏CiT͜eD T̡hE͢ ͞fAnS͘ ͞ẁIl̶l gE͜t͟.”͝

“I-I don't care wh-what they-!” Virus yelped and cried out in anger and pain as Echo gripped his wrists harshly and slammed them down against the floor as the shadowed Cry pressed his mask against the virus' own, forcing him to stare at the white scribbled circles for eyes.

“tH͘è ͘F͜a͜Ns dEşIR̡eS͠ wIll b̀E͜ MeT͏...̛”̨ Echo hissed, “͝eV̕e͞N̸ ̢iF ͞I ́hA̸vE ̧t̶O ̢BrEa̵K ͏yOu!̢”


Before Virus could even snap back, Echo had vanished, pure darkness rushed in, pressed and covered him. It smothered and stole away his breath, memories dug up and dragged through his mind's eye, replaying them over and over. His deletion, his banishment to the UnderNet, left to rot and die alone. Virus screamed in terror, full blown panic took over as he thrashed wildly in attempt to escape the madness that lay before him.

“NO! Not again! I'm NOT in the UnderNet!” he yelled at himself, hoping it would remove what he saw but the illusion remained, taunting and torturing him. It couldn't be right, it had to be a lie! He wasn't in there anymore, he knew it but it felt so real. So cold, he felt so cold. He looked down at himself, a low moan that pitched to a keening cry of denial as his perfect body was once again shown shattered and torn. He... he didn't escape after all, did he? All of it was just a mere dream he had to escape his loneliness. A mere lie. His breath came in short, rapid and ragged pants, he... couldn't get enough air. He couldn't move, couldn't breathe as he neared the edge of hysteria.


An image of Cry shimmered into view, glaring down at him with hate. “A disappointment. My first and only program I created myself and all I get is you... a pathetic virus.”

“Cry please, I'm sorry! I'll be better!” Virus wailed, thrashing against the darkness that held him, desperate to escape, “Don't leave me here!”

“It was a good thing I deleted you, at least now I don't have to be reminded that you exist.”

“I'll be better, I swear! Just please don't leave me here alone!” the virus begged, crying and shaking as Cry turned his back to him. “Please!”

“You get what you deserved... stay and rot away... where no one will hear you scream and no one will care.” Cry sneered and walked away, fading into the dark. Virus stared at the single spot Cry had occupied in frozen horror. He... he was left behind. Cry left him to die alone... Cry didn't care... He hated him... hated him since the beginning. It was the final straw and Virus' mind cracked then shattered. He went into hysterics, screaming in despair as the shadows swallowed him.



The voices tittered and laughed, uncaring of what was happening to the virus. They were only interested in being satisfied, watching their pet do as they command. Bite him, Echo! Bite him! He's bound and gagged, he'll enjoy a nibble from you! They giggled, Bite him and make him scream!

“T̷hE̛ ͘fAnS ͞dE͟sIr̀ES W͜iL͟L bE ͝mEt̢!̡”̷  Echo laughed as Virus drowned in the sorrows of his own memories, thrashing and struggling wildly to break free. A jagged white line formed on the mask, a mouth that split and opened into a gaping maw, letting all those who saw a glimpse of the void behind the mask. Echo held fast on the program's wrists, keeping them pinned before he dropped his face down and bit savagely on spot between the neck and shoulder, the mask's jagged teeth digging deep. Blood sprayed from the wound, splashing the black with crimson liquid as the voices cheered in feverish joy in the action.

Virus stiffened then shrieked in agony, his own corroded voice pitching high and screeching loudly enough to cause the lens of the camera that recorded it all and whatever glassware that happened to be within distance to explode. The UnderNet illusion cracked and fell apart as part of Virus became aware of what happened, shuddering against Echo as the shadow seemed to purr, nuzzling his neck as the mask held firm over the bruised and torn flesh; all while the virus kept screaming in torment.

The screeching cut short as Virus' body went from being ridged to slack as he went limp on the floor; eyes dark and unseeing in a strange dark gray hue as opposed to his normal cyan. His mind had opted the only solution it had to escape... complete shut down to the world, the only way to spare him any further torment and protect his sanity. Had he been aware, he would've heard Echo laughing in glee, perhaps even had heard the voices laughing as well. The fans enjoyed it, seeing such a cold and harsh character be so helpless and scared, they were just toys after all.

Nothing but toys for their amusement.

They giggled and whispered to Echo as he sat up, telling him that they wanted him to 'save' Virus, to make him feel safe and secure. He wouldn't mind at all for Cry to rescue him. And that was what Echo was, Cry, their little obedient Cry that would do anything to please them. They tittered as they whispered their plans for fanficitons, to see them in action. They cooed and purred as Echo looked down at the unconscious virus, his expression netural with half lidded eyes which remained dark and faded. Rescue him, They whispered, tittering in glee, Rescue him and make him feel so good, so happy to stay with you! Play with him and let us see! They whispered again to have him join their throng of lost voices. For them to make him their new pet. He'll be with Echo forever. In fact, they wanted Mad and Cry to join their little game. Play with Virus! Play with him! He won't mind at all! He wants you to! We want you to! The fans wanted, Echo gave; whatever they wished, he would make it true.. one way or another. Twisted desires flooded his mind and Echo swayed in a drunken stupor over the idea as the fans kept pushing him to play.

He purred deeply and bent closer, nuzzling the unconscious Virus, marveling at the soft skin. The voices giggled, too preoccupied with the scene to even acknowledge the sound of pounding feet against the floor outside the room. The noise mattered little, nothing mattered but what was going on there. The room was their world and anything beyond the door was irrelevant to their game.


The metal door to the room flew open and light spilled into the cramped space, forcing the shadows that had taken root to retreat, to flee into Echo's shadow to escape. Startled, he jerked up and away from Virus in time to see a converse shoe fly toward him and threw him off his target with a forceful kick to the face. Echo shrieked in rage as he hit the floor on his back, clutching at the mask in pain. Recovering quickly, he hissed as he flipped up to a crouch, glaring at the intruders that dared to interrupt him.

A pair of young men had barraged into the room and quickly went to Virus who lay sprawled on the carpet. A tall and lanky blonde in red clothing with red tinted shades took point to stand protectively in front of his comrade. He held out his hands and a wall of transparent red curved around them, splitting the room nearly in half, separating Echo from them. He hissed at them as the voices raged at the interruption. The one behind the blonde, knelt down next to Virus, touching his arm gently. Echo couldn't see who it was, all he could make out was jeans and shoes. He was too angry to really care about the details. He disliked being interrupted when following the wish of the fanbase.

“Holy shit! What the fuck did they do to him?!”

“Don't know but check him over, I'll keep an eye on this freak.”

Their voices sounded familiar but Echo didn't care, he was eager to reach Virus again and finish what was started. He growled and clawed at the shield, thinking he could easily bypass it as he had with Virus' defense. But the shield held firm, keeping him away. He growled again and the blonde glared back, refusing to back away from him. He looked awfully familiar.

Behind AntiVirus Pewdz, Cry cradled Virus' limp form to him in concern; taking in the claw marks and slashes, the shredded black and blue jacket and shirt, as well the deep bite mark near his neck. How did Virus sustain so many injuries? Cry knew from experience that the viral program was nearly impossible to touch if he didn't want to be touched. With his defenses so low, Virus would rather run than allow major injury that would hinder or kill him. So either he was incapacitated or, Cry turned slightly to narrow his eyes at Echo, his opponent outmatched his speed. Or both. The YouTuber glanced at the collar around Virus' neck, seeing the blue light was on and growled.

It was both for certain.

Echo's anger vanished and replaced with utter glee as he spied Cry behind the tall blonde in red. He visited him! Cry was there and he came to visit him, he was noticed! The voices were silent then exploded into a craze, screaming and cheering in absolute delight and joy. Cry's here! Cry is here! He ignored the blonde, hopping over to the side to see the brunet and pressed his face against the wall of the shield, giggling. He had forgotten about the trails of blood smeared and ran down the black surface from where the mask bit Virus. “͞cRy̡! cRy͘ ͘vI̡sIt͘Ed͝ mE̴!͏” he squealed, still ignoring the blonde that glared at him warily; the world forgotten in favor of focusing solely on the familiar masked man. “SeNpĄi!͝ C̷r̷Y sEǹPaI͟!̨ N̢oT̀i͜Ce̷ m͜E!̕!”͡

Kawaii! Its Cry! He's so cute up close! So smexy and better than the fanarts! Cry! Cry look over here! Look at us! the voices chattered excitedly, cooing and swaying as fans often did.

The gamer ignored him; instead he focused on Virus, calling out to him and shaking gently to see if he could get a response. “Virus. Virus!” Nothing. The program said nothing to him. Not even mutter a complaint about the shaking. Cry bit his lip as he looked at the black/blue clad virus and shook him again a tad harder. “Damnit, Virus, wake the fuck up!” The digital twin remained silent, gazing through him with dark eyes as he sagged in Cry's arms. He looked almost asleep but the brunet obviously knew that wasn't the case. “Pewdz, I'm not getting anything from him, do you know what's wrong?”

Anti-Pewdz shot Echo an uncertain glare then moved away after judging the shield would hold on its own. He crouched down next to the pair and gazed into Virus' empty eyes, narrowing his own at the strange color. “Odd... Let me...” he murmured to himself as he swiped the air in front of the virus with two fingers. A screen bloomed into view with data and such scrolling through it, showing Virus' well being and stats. The blonde's sharp eyes swept over the screen, looking for something they didn't before looking surprised and grunted in annoyance. “Figured as much.”

“What's wrong with him?”

“He crashed.”

“Crashed? As in blue screen crash?”

“The very same. We programs are exactly like computers. A big enough shock, or clash can throw us into a big enough loop that we crash.” Pewdz explained.

“So... unconscious?” Cry asked, looking over Virus' damaged state to see if there were any other wounds he missed from his first look over.

“Uh... yes and no.” the Anti-Virus replied, “Whatever the hell that asshole over there did to him, was enough of a shock to force Virus' system to crash.” Cry hummed thoughtfully, still looking over the virus carefully. A sign for the Anti-viral to continue. “He's unconscious yeah, but he wouldn't be able to wake up on his own..,” He rubbed the back of his head as he tried to find a proper term to use. “In essence... he's in a coma.”

The YouTuber's head swiveled to stare at him, shocked. “WHAT!?”

Pewdz held up a hand to calm him down. “Bad, I know but relax, I can reboot him.” He returned his trained gazed to Virus' status window and resumed searching, scrolling through the screen, reading the coding and text. “Odd, his abilities were disabled..?” he murmured to himself, taking mental note of it and continued on. “I just have to find what caused the clash and fix it...” He trailed, staring at the transparent window. His shoulders shook as he growled, poking into one particular section and hissed at the findings. “Fucking hell. Virus' memory files are a complete mess... like someone reached in and pulled them out and... Oh no...”

“What?” Cry peered at the screen in confusion, both ignoring a jealous Echo in the back as Virus breathed shallowly between them. He read over what the Anti-virus pointed out and snarled, holding the prone body closer to him as he shot Echo a withering glare. “What the fuck did you do to Virus!?”

“Pu͠ŃisH͠e͜D ͡hIm.”͟ Echo stated with an amused giggle, “͡h̛E ͟f̀Ài̵L̵e͟D ̸t͡He̡ F̛a͟Ns, t̡H͜eReFoRe I ͢pU̢n̵ÍsHe͢D ̢hIm̴.͝ ͘Be͟SiDeS,͢” The blood on the mask seemed to form a crooked smile, “tHe̸ F͏aN̕s wI̵s̢H̴e̷D tO̴ pL͢A̧y̢ ̢w͡I̢t͞H͞ ͟hI̕m.̕..͜”͞

Both Pewdz and Cry widen their eyes then narrowed them in fury once they got the idea of what he meant of 'play'. “Sick little fucking...” Cry hissed icily as he lifted Virus, concerned at the fact he remained silent and slack in his arms even though he knew why he was like that. It just made it feel like he was... The gamer threw the thought aside before it finished forming. He was going to be fine and that was that. End of story. Instead, the brunet turned to send a burning glare at a false wall where he knew a bunch of the researchers hid to watch the events. “And you let him do this to Virus!? How could you?!” the YouTuber snarled, “You cold-hearted motherfucking...”

Anti-Pewdz clapped a hand on his shoulder, trying to keep him calm. “Forget them, Cry. We need to get Virus to the infirmary. I can repair him mentally in sorting out his memory files again, but the physical damage needs to be taken care of too. That bite worries me.”

“Right.” The gamer kept glaring at the wall before turning to regard the shadowed version of himself; who seemed fascinated and frustrated with the red shield. Echo glared at the shield, he didn't know who the blonde one was but he didn't like him... no one should be near Cry... least of all that one. And his powers, the shadow scowled, tapping at the wall again, he couldn't get through it. Even his own 'warp' ability refused to enter the space on the other side of the shield. “And who the hell are you?”

Echo chuckled, scratching at the wall as if trying to reach for the helpless Virus again, and he oh so wanted to finish giving the fans their wish. The shadow giggled in amusement when Cry held the program closer to himself and shifted to protect him from further harm. The voices giggled and squealed at hearing Virus emit a soft groan and seen his face tip toward the brunet's chest, even though it was Cry's movement that caused it. “I ͜aM ̵eCh̵O͜!̴cRy.͟..͜”̸ The shadow laughed as both Cry and Anti-Pewdz backed away through the door with their charge; the shield remained up as it receded with their retreating forms. Echo kept pace, face pressed against the transparent wall, white eyes focused in gazing directly at Cry's own. “͟E̵cHo̴!͘C̵rY̡ iS yOuR bI̷gG͝e̕St͟ f͠A͟N͝..̕. ̴ ͟aM ̡yOu̕R bigG̷eS̡t F͞aN̸...”

The two stared each other down, one leering and the other glaring, as the metal door began to shut. Cry glowered, holding Virus tighter and didn't look away as Echo just stared, the white eyes transfixed on him before he raised a hand and wiggled his fingers in a mock wave. The brunet didn't find it amusing and only narrowed his eyes as the door shut completely, sealing Echo within the room. He giggled, the mixed voices echoing in both the room and the hall; and placed his hand against the door and scratched at it lightly, knowing fully well Cry stood just on the other side. He was so eager to reach them, to touch them. “͢Th͏E̴ ̵f͠AnS̨ ͘lOv̸E y̡O͠u̸.҉.. Yo͠Ù ̷w͞Il͜ļ b̢E͘ wHa̧T̵ ͘t̛HeY ͏w͝I̷sH...”

He heard them leave, shoes pounding the floor as they hurried to get Virus to the infirmary for treatment. Echo had so much fun with Virus, so soft and strong. It was a little bumpy in seeing him but the fans enjoyed it as well. They whispered and tittered, wanting it to happen again later. To finish what they started. He giggled at their whispers and continued to scratch at the door, ignoring the fact it was metal, and hummed to himself as he slid down to sit on the floor, happy and content.  

“̵T͠h̶E fAn̛S a͜Lw̸AyS͝ wI͞n.̴.̡.͏ ҉D̀oN'͟t ̵wOrR͟y... CrY̨ ͝wI͢l̨l ̕Be wHa͘T ̴yǪư ̸wIs͠H.͞..”́
Echo's Interactions - Virus!Cry (Final Version)

Anyway, here's an interaction piece between Echo and Virus... needless to say Virus completely hates him. I don't blame him for feeling that way. >.>

Completely different than what I had thought it would turn out. I gotta say, writing Echo... was hard. Mostly trying to capture his erratic personality. I only hope I kinda got a basic idea of him. You'll get what I mean when you read it, but I learned some new things from Echo himself, though not sure if all the stuff there is correct for him but oh well. My only worry is that he's kinda borderline Mad!Cry but then again, he is erratic, more so than Mad. 

Cry belongs to himself - :iconcryaotic:
Virus!Cry belongs to whomever made him in tumblr
Anti-Pewdz belongs to :iconkinnaraluna: I believe. 
Echo!Cry belongs to - :icontunaniverse:
Virus Outfit belongs to - :iconcastel-eown:

--[EDIT 2]--

I won't have the comp for the weekend, my sister's turn to use it. So I gave as much of the updated version as I could for you all! Enjoy it! I added the voices more so its a little more focused on Echo and not as much on Virus.

--[EDIT 3]--

Finally finished updating this! This is the final version of this! I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you thought of it, okay? ^.^

Song when the Trio is in trouble with Echo! - ECHO

You Will Be What They Wish by :iconxjennacide: <- Wow... just wow, I never thought I'd ever get fanart for anything... well... semi-fanart. I call it that because Echo belongs to tunaniverse. I'm still reeling over it but I'm happy I made someone's day. I'm humbled, I don't believe I deserve something like this but thank you. :)

I hate this facebook/tumblr thing going on here in dA. I can't tell if anyone commented on anything of mine or not in my messages with the way its set up. Do I really need to hunt them down to answer back? Really? Ugh.

Anyway, to those who read Echo's Interactions sneak peek... I don't know if you're going to love me for what I'm doing to Virus or hate me... but this is like something new to me... in a sense.

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lol thanks :)
PlasmaCode13 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He's cool isn't he :3
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ That he is. He's deep, he's dark, he's light and caring. He also stands firm against people who wish to control him. Telling flat out what he likes and doesn't like and doesn't fear in disagreeing with his 'fans' on certain things. And whether he gains or loses subs matters little to him, he's always there to put a smile on someone's face, brighten their day, while he himself gains more confidence in himself. :)
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