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Royal Rumble Poll -

[Edit 1]

Alright let me clarify the poll here. xD; Can't believe I totally forgot to say this. What I mean by versions is the order of which 3 of the combatants will fall. I will only write ONE version for each 'Winner'. Like Cry's 4 versions on the Poll for example? I will only write one version for Cry's win. I'm letting you guys choose the order in which Mad, Virus and Anti-Cry will fall for his version. I'd love to write out all of them but... yeah it'll take too long. So pick wisely. :3 The same goes for the other 3. I will only write one version for each of them, with you guys choosing the order because I can't choose myself, so I figured having you readers a chance to see how it goes will help me as a guide. :3


Yeah, its been awhile since I actually did an update thing...

I'm sorry for all those waiting on the wings for both Royal Rumble and Project: MASK. I'm actually a little stuck on what to do for both. I'm usually one that doesn't do time skips but perhaps I may have to do so for I think just Royal Rumble... To kinda get to the meat of the story instead of dragging it on too long. e.o That's my glitch, if you will, of me. I do love writing stories but I do have the tendency to just drag it on or sometimes go off topic very easily when writing. I don't know why I do that but I know I do. 

For Project: MASK... e.o I kinda cringe at the fact so far most of it is told in flash backs... which is my fault since I wrote it the start of it during the middle of some battle and I wanted to explain why that was going on. I'm not quite sure if I'm even entertaining my readers with it anymore, considering how long winded it is. I had planned that the flash backs be short and to the point but instead I got... well what I posted. That and some of it doesn't seem to match with what was going on in the beginning and for that I apologize.

I know a lot of people have favorited them but I'm not entirely sure if they're actually reading them. 

I'm not saying I'm going to completely stop writing them, but just letting you know as to why I haven't posted for them in a while. I'm... stuck.  

But I do promise at the end of Virus!P3wdz's battle we'll jump to the rest of the story and not flashbacks... maybe a few small ones for Virus.. like hopefully snippets if I don't go overboard again. Just not quite sure how to get started in bringing in Anti-Pewdz and start about triggering Virus to go nuts. 

Yeah, that's the deal there. As well as being caught up in the craze about Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and the damn icy weather we got down here in Texas. Its back to being warm for now but we know that won't last long. I have my files for the fics here in the family desktop but since our heater for the livingroom is broken and my dad has yet to bother fixing it. Its ice cold in the living room. I can port the files to my netbook but then my netbook is getting rather full and tends to freeze quite a bit if I try to open more than a few files at a time. Like having my browser up, music going, open office open to type... then it starts hiccuping and pretty annoying to type. Plus I use LibreOffice on the desktop and Open Office on my netbook... the same basic program just Libre is the upgraded version of Open Office and it kinda irritates me of how different the fonts work. e.o 
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Because I can. It's for the lulz Rally! FOR THE LULZ!!!

Rally: I fucking hate you!!! D:<

Current Residence: somewhere on the planet
Favourite genre of music: General Rock/Metal, Gothic, Rock, Game
Favourite photographer: Zalger248, britt1507
Favourite style of art: Hand drawing
Wallpaper of choice: Wesker and Leon and Dante!
Skin of choice: Resident Evil, Devil May Cry
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Personal Quote: "If all else fails, shoot like crazy and hope you hit!"


A/N: A nice big chunk of a sneak peek of Royal Rumble's next chapter! It's still pretty much a long way off before the chapter is done, but hopefully this will help in the waiting.

And yes before anyone asks, for this, I changed Anti-Pewdz clothing to be a similar match that of castel-eown's Virus Outfit I made it so because I would figured Anti-Pewdz would have two modes. His normal clothing being that from Kinnaraluna's design and his battle mode which he wears for this fic. Reason being is because Virus is there thus Pewdz has to be ready for anything. So if anyone sees Anti-Pewdz in his battlemode anywhere in Cyber Space then its a sure bet that Virus is involved somehow.

A bit of a spoiler I know but I don't have any fic planned in which Pewdz has battlemode on aside from this one. It can't be for MASK because he will be barely created then and doesn't have access to it yet. Plus, if anyone wants to, you're free to draw the battlemode for Anti-Pewdz. As for Virus... Castel-Eown's design for Virus IS his battlemode... he just never leaves it.

This is my headcanon so don't try to tell me 'oh its not canon!' because frankly I don't care.


Blonde hair, red and black headset, and red clothing somewhat similar to a certain program's own. To the rest of the world it looked as though Pewdiepie had been hurled into a closet of clothing from The Martrix and had unknowingly came looking like he belonged in the movie. The silver and ruby colored shield and brofist on the back of the coat gave away to who it really was. Anti-Pewdz didn't seem to hear them; his back facing them and his arms lifted in the air. The trio of Crys watched as the antiviral directed coding this way and that, fingers dancing to command the server to do as he wished.

“Well isn't this cute?" the virus declared loudly, drawing the blonde's attention to him. “You have Anti-Virus Pewdz here to be witness for the battle to the death.”  He ignored Cry's glare shot his way as the gamer waved a hand over his face to summon the mask into place. “Care to share how, Cryaotic?”

The antiviral crossed his arms over his chest after he had placed the last of the platforms into place, knowing fully well what Virus meant. “I wasn't called here to watch this to enjoy it, Virus.” Pewdz said, narrowing his eyes at his fellow living program.

Virus smirked, “Oh, I know that for certain. I'm just curious as to how.”

“You couldn't careless about that.”

“Let me guess... he asked you to?”


“No... too easy. If he had then you wouldn't have been here at all.”  Virus stated, enjoying the irritation that was showing up in his rival's eyes. “Did he beg? Get down on his hands and knees and begged you to be here like the little dog he is?”

Cry growled at the insult as Pewdz remained silent, glaring at the virus. They both knew he was getting under their skin on purpose for the sole reason of enjoyment. It was something they knew well of him, attacking at whatever he could just to see their reactions. Everyone knew it but it still annoyed the holy hell out of everyone. Pewdz scowled at the viral's ever constant smirk behind the mask and everything in the anti-virus wanted to punch it right off. And he never was a violent one.

“Heh, no of course he wouldn't; he's not the type to beg. If he was, I would've won long before you were ever created.”

“Are you done talking now?”

“Was it by threat?”

Anti-Pewdz suddenly spun on his heel, “I don't have time for your bullshit Virus." he growled, walking away from the group as he motioned for them to follow. “Let's get this done with, shall we?”
SNEAK PEEK: Royal Rumble Chapter 2
A nice big chunk of a sneak peek for my long awaited Chapter 2 of the fic. I'm still stuck on it so don't expect it to be up anytime soon but I'm trying okay? :) 

Hope you enjoy it!

Cry belongs to himself - :iconcryaotic:
Virus!Cry belongs to whomever made him in tumblr
Anti-Pewdz belongs to :iconkinnaraluna: I believe. 
Virus Outfit belongs to - :iconcastel-eown:

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