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The poll is still open for Royal Rumble-

welp... made a new music video! This time for Virus! :D 


Well that was stupid of me... xD; I forgot to put the link for the video here... o.o I sowwie.

Here it is! Falling Inside The Black

And I don't know if anyone will be alerted via this journal, by putting their icons here... but gonna give it a shot!

Here's the list of everyone whose Art I used. :3 And Yes I gave credit in the video's description! :iconskipplz:

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Because I can. It's for the lulz Rally! FOR THE LULZ!!!

Rally: I fucking hate you!!! D:<

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FNaFsOC Search by EvilVixen05
FNaFsOC Search
Welp figured out a name for her: Vivian Graves. ha fitting name She's named after my one of my favorite characters from PM: TTYD, Vivian.

Its a bit hard to see I know, but there’s really no much light to go on in a very dark pizza joint. Vivian is hiding in a room from Bonnie; as we all know Bonnie tends to move first. So yeah, I don’t know where this is, most likely the main hall or something. 

I drew Bonnie in goldfreddy’s style because its just too damn cool/cute, as well as scarier as shit because they’re easy to mistake for other people while bumbling around in the dark and much harder to hide from. 

I guess this counts as Vivian’s first encounter with Bonnie. Needless to say, when she first ran into Bonnie, she screamed bloody murder and hightailed it. Only since the place is in lockdown, she can only hide and doesn’t seem to think to ‘Hey, head for the security office!’. Though I think its because of the various MIAs from many Night Watches… she figured they got to him first already or something. 

Plus, now that she screamed… every one of the Animatronics knows there’s someone inside the place that’s not suppose to be here. As well as the Night guard. Poor guy.

GG, Vivi… GG

FNaFs OC by EvilVixen05
I don't have a name for her.

Its based off loosely from goldfreddy's headcanon universe of Corruption Abound. What I mean by loosely is the fact I kinda play around the idea they had about the Animatronics being humanoid and such. Its pretty awesome, go check our their blog. Anyway, I don't intrude on goldfreddy's universe, I just kinda enjoy their blog that much. So I guess this kinda counts as fanart for them?  *shrugs* It does have RF’s arm right there. So I guess it does. Yeah, better safe than sorry. 

Anyway, this here chick is… I guess in highschool? Maybe college, Idk. She wants to be a paranormal researcher or something of the sort. I don’t know really, its either that or she was dumb enough to take a dare from one of her friends. She decides to go into her town’s many ‘haunted’ places, which one of them is the local pizza joint. She heard years ago that some kids were murdered here sometime in ‘87 then years later, a bunch of employees turned up missing after working here some time. 

While the cases of the murdered children was partly solved, it still bothered her that they haven’t found the bodies of these kids. Especially since the murderer didn't exactly have much time to dump the bodies. Not mention the large amount of MIAs turning up that were Night Watch and the police really didn't bother in putting effort in finding the missing people. So this daredevil/idiot figures to take a crack at solving the mystery about Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and hides in the place until after it closes. 

Seeing her expression there, she damn well wished she didn't go through the door… or even thought of coming here. If she survives, probably decide on leaving well enough alone from now on. If not, well guess who’s joining the forever pizza party? This chick. xD;

Its not really a story I’m doing, just something I came up with while surfing around goldfreddy's site and listening to Mr.Fazbear Instrumental (the music for Open Up, a FNaF’s song on youtube)

But I may do some more drawings of her wandering about the pizzeria and encountering the Animatronics. Both the Old cast and the New Cast. Maybe. I don’t know. 

If anyone’s got a name for her, let me know. Enjoy. :)


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