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Welp, not many people voted (or probably forgot to let multiple votes for the same location be turned on, sorry) but it came down to 50/50 vote for Cry's winning version.

But man, People are sure hung up on seeing Cry either battle Anti-Cry or Virus for his victory.

So I made a new one for that. Here you go! :) Which one shall it be? 

The old poll is still here -
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Because I can. It's for the lulz Rally! FOR THE LULZ!!!

Rally: I fucking hate you!!! D:<

Current Residence: somewhere on the planet
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VirusWIP by EvilVixen05
Because this song and Virus won't leave me alone. 

So have some sad Virus WIP. Pose practice too as well as figuring out the damn hair. T~T I made Virus so sad... just listen to the song... you'll understand why.

Cry/Virus gif - :iconkiwa007: - its for pose ref

Virus outfit design - :iconcastel-eown:
I had this in my head and I wanted it out. Remember this is just an idea I had, nothing is solid or anything official. So don't go tearing after my ass, screaming 'its not canon' or something. I know its not, thank you, but this is art, creativity and its only limited by those that make whatever.

So just bare with me, like it, hate it, don't care about, fine. Just don't spam me with unnecessary hate, 'kay? If you like, go ahead and comment or whatever. Happy to hear your thoughts.

This is just the basic idea of Virus IF he existed in Victubia, I don't have an idea of how he is created or exactly what he can do. So I'll just run the basics that I see in my head, alright? I'll try to make it as understandable as possible.

Also, FYI... I was inspired in thinking about Virus from watching the first season of Legend of Korra again.


The basic idea of Virus, IF he existed in Victubia, is the fact his ability to manipulate machinery with electricity. But how is it he can use magic? Well, truth be told, for now his 'magic' is merely artificial. He can't generate electricity on his own (as far as I know he can't right now, I told you this idea isn't complete) but he can manipulate it. He's a tech wiz, so he created himself a pair of gloves that generate electricity that he can then bend to his will to do as he wishes.

He 'infects' machinery by slipping electricity into them and then take control, very much like a puppet master. He is skilled with a sword, most likely something lightweight, like rapiers or something, and has backup assassin like blades on his gloves. (Yes, like Assassin's Creed)

He knows he's no match for naturally born mages nor physically stronger than anyone else; to help him over come this, Virus uses his agility and wit to dance toe to toe with the others. He uses knowledge and information to manipulate the outcome of his battles, either he has dirt on you, makes you think he does, or uses your weaknesses against you. Like studying the same magics as the others just to know how to defend against them and even study combat styles of his opponents.

This gives him advantage to try to out-speed you and dance around you, forcing you to use up more of your energy in attacking while he uses less in order to strike at the right moment. For him, its like a game of chess, the moves you make leads him to better understand you and plan around you for counter attack. So everyone better not show all your cards so soon when he's around.

He can be tricked and out foxed if you can catch him by surprise, though be warned, once a trick is used, he'll learn and it'll be useless, probably for a long while. Take out his gloves if you want him to stop firing bolts of electricity at you, but even with them gone, he can still manipulate electricity. He just has to find it. If you can lead him away from any source fo electricity, he's out for magic, but keep in mind he's got some tools on him to use and has his sword with him at all times.

With enough patience, some trickery and team work, Virus can be defeated.
Just remember... as long as there is technology... Viruses.. flaws.. will arise, time and time again.

As for how he is born or created... I have no idea. Like I said, this idea is far from complete, but I figured I just share it anyway since its been bugging me. :)
Victubia - Virus
Yeah, its Virus!Cry if he was in Victubia. 

Now please, everyone just don't raging at me for thinking this and slapping Victubia on it. It's not official, I know, its just an concept idea I had for the AU IF Virus existed. Not saying he should exist, this just me thinking if he did, what could he do. 

That's it. So, don't sass me with 'but its steampunk, Virus doesn't exist in it since there's no computers.' I know... I got it, but think about it. Viruses will always exist as long as there is technology. Steampunk tech is still tech, some of it still make electricity and that's all this Virus needs to take control or cause a little chaos. 

Virus!Cry - by whomever created the concept in tumblr

Victubia - by :icongabbi:
Virus Expressions 1 by EvilVixen05
Virus Expressions 1
I was bored, so I doodled some expressions for Virus. Plus it was also for me to find a hair style for Cry for me to draw. As drawing it is very difficult to me in any view, which is annoying. >.< But they be doodles so there's mistakes but I'm not much in the care to fix 'em. lol

Anyway, yeah I copied and pasted most of the head, considering he's facing the same direction. The only reason for doing that is because to me, Virus never takes his mask off and its broken on the right side where Snake shot him in the face. He revived from a backup file he saved of himself and didn't care much to repair the mask. So his right eye is always visible and well its the only thing there that even gives away his expressions. 

Yeah... lazy I know. But I'm still practicing from such a long time of me not drawing anything lately other than Enraged Echo!Cry. xD

Surprisingly, I got inspired to do this from the song, Falling Inside the Black by Skillet. 

Enjoy. :D

Virus!Cry - to whomever created the concept on tumblr

Art - by :iconevilvixen05:

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AveryCF Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Our chat about Herobrine and cinimon buns is starting to make me want to draw it... I didn't know so I felt like coming over and asking you if maybe I should or not? If I had time? I do most things traditionally and being likely a small comic strip it might be horribly cropped together photos when done but- should I? xD
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well if something like this inspired a spark to draw, why not follow it through? :) I mean I think it'll be cute and fun to draw. I tend to go with a saying of do what you like. Whether its drawing or writing. Something inspires you, try it out, you may be surprised in what you can do when the inspiration is fueling you. 

Never rush, so if you got the time. You should draw it, who knows maybe others will go nuts in seeing it. lol
AveryCF Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I've been suffering a art block lately but I usually draw MC people all the time like…
Or for examples. (You don't have to look if don't want to just makes explaining easier) So no promises if I do it'll look any good, but if I do it also might help me nudge a bit out of it so we'll see if I have enough time in school to in maybe a free class period. We shall see, but if I do i'll tag you in it to say you helped give me the spoof idea. >3<
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Okay, cool. And yeah, inspiration can chip or even break a block. :D SO use the inspiration and take it as far as you can and see if that helps. If anything, it'll give you an excuse to draw Herobrine doing some funny things for the sake of giggles. :)
(1 Reply)
Witchmiester185 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, how are you doing? :3
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! :D I'm good. Just still trying to get over some writer's block. >.< I really want to write but I'm stuck on things. Even trying to find a new prompt to write short stuff to get the creative juices flowin' but I'm not all that great with it. ^^;

You? :D
Witchmiester185 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm doing fine, I'm in college. And I'm doing fine with that. If you want I can help wit h giving you ideas for your writings.
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, college! :D Exciting but hard but still awesome. :3 What'chu majoring in? 

And sure, that'd be awesome. :D 
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KizerZinZigZag Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Wow... did not know you had a DA page...
EvilVixen05 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL Kizer! xD Yeah, I dabble in drawing a lot. :3 So hey there! Didn't know you had one too. lol
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